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What to Put in Self Storage to Make More Room in Your Home

What to Put in Self Storage to Make More Room in Your Home

Self storage is becoming increasingly popular. People are acquiring more and more possessions and as life goes on they find that suddenly they have little to no space in their house. Selling items can take time, and sometimes selling is just not an option, you might want these items for later or they might hold to much sentimental value. In this case, self storage can be the perfect solution. If you want to find a local self storage room, check out Spacer for a vast array of affordable solutions.

So, what might you store in self storage, and how should you do so?

1. Furniture

Furniture items are likely to be the biggest, bulkiest items in your house, along with this, furniture can be quite expensive, hence you will want to store it somewhere secure while you find an appropriate solution rather than throwing it away.

Before storing furniture, you should ensure it is clean and dry. Wrap any surface that is easily scratched in furniture covers, use corrugated cardboard to protect glass and mirrors and use drawers and cupboards to store other smaller items.


2. Electronics

A lot of the time, people procure electronics that work perfectly fine or are too valuable to part with, but for some reason are taking up too much space during a specific time. When storing electronics such as computers, radios or televisions, placing them back in their original packaging is a great idea. This way you can store their cables and other accessories along with them.


3. Household Appliances

Similarly, to electronics, appliances such as microwaves, fridges, ovens, washers and dryers are often stored during times when, for whatever reason, they are not needed. Like the previous items, prior to storage ensure these items are clean and dry. This helps avoid rot, rust and pest associated damage. Cover appliances with a breathable sheet to prevent dust building up. It’s also a good idea to leave any doors of your appliances slightly open to let them breathe and avoid musty smells.


4. Files and Documents

While these items may apply more to businesses, homes can fill up with a lot of paperwork that is important, but not constantly needed. Storing files off the premises of the home or business helps free up more space and adds a sense of security and perhaps more accessibility as they should remain in the one storage space. Storing files in organised cabinets and airtight containers should ensure easy access and preservation of your documents.


5. Valuable items, Antiques and Heirlooms

Items of extreme value to you are sometimes best kept in storage during certain circumstances. Storage may provide the option of security where keeping such items at home does not. This could be expensive artwork, precious heirlooms handed down through many generations or a rare, valuable antique.

Temperature and humidity control is important to prevent damage to some items in this category.


6. Vehicle Storage

For people going on vacation or other long trips, storing their car in a secure undercover area provides some peace of mind. Likewise, you may have a car you’re not currently using and don’t have room for, and selling isn’t an option. Self storage provides the option for storing your vehicle in a secure place when it’s not in use.

Again, it is important your car is clean and dry both inside and out. You can disconnect the battery to prevent acid leakage and use tire jacks to take the weight of the tires, preventing them flattening.


7. Seasonal Items

Christmas and similar holidays come around once a year, however many people have huge amounts of decorations for these times. That’s a lot of space taken up for things that are used only once a year. Putting these things in storage means you have more space year round as the only time you have the decorations at your home is when they are actually decorating it, rather than taking up precious closet space.

Packing and labelling these things in an organised fashion will save you a lot of time when it’s time to unpack and repack the decorations. Wrapping fragile ornaments and bulbs in newspaper or using shredded gift wrap as packing material helps cushion them preventing any accidental breakages.

That’s just a few items that you can get out of your house and into storage using Spacer, making more space for the essentials in your home.

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