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Valuables Storage Guide; Bags

Whether you are a regular jetsetter or a once-in-a-blue-moon traveller, everyone seems to face the same problem: how to store bags for safekeeping. Most likely, you have more than one bag for travelling. Aside from luggage and suitcases, you may also have backpacks, duffel bags, handbags or garment bags. 

Storage for bags is a problem, particularly for those who live in a tiny apartment and still need to make room for their clunky baggage. Not only do you need to find extra space, you would also have to make sure that storing them does not result in any damage.


What to Do Before Storing your Bags

Here are some helpful tips before storing your bags:

Bag Storage Tip #1: Wipe/clean/launder it before storing

It sounds like the most obvious thing to do, but you’ll be surprised how few people take the time to inspect their luggage for dirt and grime as soon as they get home. Most simply unpack their belongings and cram the luggage where it fits—usually under the bed.

However, if you want to prolong your bag’s lifespan, you should, at the very least, wipe your luggage with a wet wash cloth. This is to get rid of any of the grime or dirt it had sustained from being in the plane’s baggage bin, airport carousel or car trunk.

Also, don’t forget to empty your bag’s pockets of any trash and make sure that it’s free from any damp patches, as this can lead to unwanted fungi growth. For the best results, give your bag a good wash with warm water and sponge, and air-dry it before finding a suitable storage for bags.

Bag Storage Tip #2: Don’t just jam your bag where it fits.

Some people put their bags under the bed. If the bag’s too big (or the bed’s clearance is too low), then it forces an individual to either be creative (i.e. converting a luggage to a night stand when not in use) or be lazy and leave it lying on the floor. Most of the time, it is the latter. Most likely, your luggage ends up being stored out of sight—either in the attic, in the dark corners of a basement, or at the bottom of your closet.

Whilst there’s nothing wrong in using these places as storage for bags, they are also not ideal. Attics and basements tend to get damp and humid, which can deform and ultimately destroy your bag in the process. On the other hand, closets, whilst mostly free of moisture, are also most likely to be cluttered with your other belongings.

If you have no other choice, then protect your bags by putting them inside an unused trash bag (or better yet, purchase a cheap, plastic storage trunk) to keep them dry whilst they are not in use.


How to Store your Bags for Safekeeping 

Now that you know the basics of bag storage, here’s how to store bags for safekeeping.


They are bulky, clunky, and can be oddly-shaped, which makes it challenging to find the right storage for them. One clever way to store your luggage is to convert it into storage itself. For example, if you are forced to put your luggage at the bottom of your closet, then you might as well use it to store your winter clothes (or summer outfits, depending on the season), all those bulky extra sheets, or your old Christmas décor.

Whatever you put in it, just don’t forget to pack it in breathable or garment bags, so that your luggage becomes easier to empty for use when you need it.

Duffel bags

Duffel bags are a pretty good investment, especially if they are made of leather. However, it is also a pain to store them as you have to be careful that they don’t lose their shape. To do this, you should never store a duffel bag empty.  Pack something in it like a small beach ball or an extra pillow so that it can keep its perfect shape.


Backpacks and handbags are a bit tricky because they are mostly used in your daily commute, not just when you are travelling to far off places. The best way to store them is to install a dedicated hook for each of them. This will keep your backpacks safely tucked away, yet still ready for use whenever you feel like it.


Spacer for your Bag Storage

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