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Things you don’t need in your home

Things you don’t need in your home

Are you struggling for space? Are you a small-space city dweller? Perhaps you’re downsizing and have ended up with too much stuff for your newer, yet smaller home, or maybe you have just slowly been acquiring things over the years and have suddenly found you don’t need it all sitting in your home. Homes can sometimes gather a lot of clutter that simply isn’t needed, at least all the time. If you want to keep these things while you sort out where to put them, or are just waiting while they sell, self storage can be a great solution to freeing up some space in your home while keeping your items secure. Spacer can provide you with a huge range of storage options, that are local, cheap and secure.

So what things should you be looking at to get out of your house and free up some space?


Large Filing Cabinets

The digital age is here and it’s here to stay. With portable hard-drives, there’s no longer any need for keeping large amounts of paperwork in your home. The outdated filing cabinet should be one of the first things you get rid of. If you want to keep all your paperwork, you can leave it all in the cabinet, and move the whole lot into storage. Make sure you store it in such a way that if you ever do need to get some paperwork back out, you can access it easily.


Bathroom Chairs or Stools

A chair in the bathroom might seem like a good idea at first, but honestly, you are very rarely ever going to use it. It’s more likely going to attract clutter, which is much better suited in an organised cupboard or on the edge of the bathtub. If you’re struggling for space in the bathroom, get the chair out of there!


A Bed or Mattress

Yes, of course you need a bed, sleep is unavoidable, but for people in small places, having a bed can sometimes mean compromising over a sofa. Why not opt for both? There are plenty of stylish, comfortable sleeper-sofas on the market, allowing you to transform your room from a bedroom to a lounge room in a matter of minutes. Put that bed in storage until you have more room!


The Dining Table

A dining table can take up a lot of room, specifically in smaller homes, and unless you’re hosting weekly dinner parties, or have a large family, you can do without one. If you’re struggling for space why not remove the dining table and turn the kitchen bench into a versatile eating space. You could even utilise a folding function to create a bigger bench space when needed.


Media Centres

With wall mounted, smart TV’s the need for certain digital devices is not so apparent. With streaming services and USB playback features, places for VCR players, DVD players and radios are no longer needed. Any devices you do have will likely be a lot smaller than the stand their sitting on, in which case opt for a small storage unit.


Table Lamps

Table Lamps are often oversized and take up a lot of table space and are not always in use. You can save a lot of space by getting rid of the table lamp and replacing it with a sleek wall mounted sconce.


Night Stand

With our smartphones replacing clocks, alarms, and even entertainment, there’s little need for an entire piece of furniture beside the bed. Get rid of the bedside table and use a simple wall shelf. This should be enough for what you want next to your bed and it should free up a decent amount of space within the room.

For people in small spaces, or people who just find they have been collecting too much stuff, getting rid of some of these items can prove very beneficial. Understandably, selling things is often not an option, and if you do sell, selling can take time. In these situations, using self-storage can be the perfect solution.

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