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Sports Equipment Storage Tips

Sports equipment can take up a lot of space in our houses and garages. A lot of the time, sports equipment is seasonal, taken out and used while the season is action, and left to take up valuable space for the rest of the year.

If you are struggling to find space for you or your child’s latest hobby, putting all your sport equipment into storage can be the perfect solution. So, how can you effectively store all your sports equipment in one place, while still having easy access to the pieces you need? Here’s the best ways to store some popular sporting items.

Invest in a peg board

A peg board might just be your most useful piece of storage equipment. With a peg board on the wall you have almost endless ways to hang things on the wall. This set up is great because things can be hung at any height. Kids toys and equipment can be hung low for them to reach, while the adults equipment, or even their tools can be hung higher and out of reach.

You can even hang a wall basket from a peg board and fill it with bits and pieces, like gloves, hats and shin pads.

Ball storage

The most effective and simple way to store balls of all sizes, in one place is to hook a few bungee cords between a square frame. Balls of all sizes, except maybe tennis balls can be held between the bungee cords and the wall. When someone needs a certain ball, they can simply pull it between the cords, leaving the rest in their makeshift cage.

Not only is it super easy to get balls in and out of, it also gets them up off the floor and out of the way.

Get a Pallet

Almost as helpful as a peg board, a pallet is a great way to get things organised and in their own space. Rather than having the pallet lying flat, tip it up vertically. You can slide things like hockey sticks, skis, snowboards, rakes and shovels down the middle of the pallet.

You can easily pull out the item you need while the rest remain in their new home.

Hang large things

Ceiling hooks are great for getting large items, like bikes and surfboards off the floor. This will free up a lot of space, allowing you more room to move around and grab what you need from your sport storage space.

Hanging things from the roof also helps keep them in great condition. Off the floor, there’s less chance they will be knocked over, scratched, stepped on and dented.

Duffle bags

For anything else that doesn’t have a space on the ceiling or wall, you can use sport or duffle bags. You can have a bag for each sport which makes it super easy to grab the labelled bag and head to practice or the game. Duffle bags can be kept on shelves or under benches, out of the way. A bonus from duffle bags is the fact that they will keep your items covered and protected from the elements.

If you need to store your sporting equipment, or simply need more storage space, Spacer can provide you with affordable, secure and local storage solutions.


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