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So, What is Cloud Storage?


Cloud storage refers to a form of memory storage. It dates back to the 1960s when Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider, various researchers, scientists and university professors, got involved in developing the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. Together they formed the earliest computer network, the Internet and cloud technology. The term cloud, drifting everywhere around the world, embodies the technology of interconnectivity and accessibility.


Where can I get it?


You can get free cloud storage or a paid subscription from both large companies and startups. You can get free cloud storage from Google, Yandex, Microsoft and Yahoo!, which offer other services such as email, analytics, video sharing and advertisements. For other cloud storage options, check out the information below:


Cloud Storage



Free for 10GB, $10/month for 100GB


Free for 2GB, $8.25/month for 1TB, $16.58/month for 1TB with smart synch, Full text search, shared link controls, showcase, viewer history, chat support and remote device wipe

Evernote (File Organising service)

Free for basic, $3.99/month for 1GB, $7.99/month for 10GB

Google Drive

Free for 15GB, $2.50 for 100GB,

$9.99 for 1TB


$0.99 for 50GB, $2.99 for 200GB and $9.99 for 2TB


Free for 50GB, $6.5/month for 200GB, $26.15/month for 2TB, $39.99 /month for 4TB


Free for 5GB, $1.86/month for 50GB, $65/month for 1TB with five office suites, $87/month for 5TB with five office suites

Spider Oak

Free for 21 days, $17 for 150GB, $11.50/month for 400GB, $15 for 2TB/month, $33 for 5TB

Yandex Disk

Free for 10GB, $1/month for 10GB + Free, $2/month for 100GB + Free, $10/month for 1TB + Free


Do I need it?


If you need reliable and constant access to your files regardless of space and time, cloud storage is the solution. Also, if you want to save from buying hard drives, flash drives and SD cards, then you can use cloud storage in place of such memory devices.


You can also save time by reducing the need to find a storage device, load the device on the computer or deal with virus risks by using the cloud. Today’s cloud storage services such as iCloud Storage, OneDrive and Yandex provide free storage once you sign up. You can get from 5GB to over 1TB of cloud storage space when you subscribe with a premium account. You can use the cloud if you need file organisers and file syncing features that allow your device to automatically save or read data from the cloud storage. This feature helps you save time from file synching, updating or worrying about your SD cards or drives getting damaged. With cloud storage, you can access your files from any device at any time and from anywhere. You can also use cloud storage if you want to organise your files via a premade folder, organiser and a ready-made office suite such as from Microsoft and Yandex.


What are the other uses of cloud storage?


Cloud%20Storage%20Image%201More than the storage capabilities, the cloud can give you access to web hosting services that enable you to create domain names, customise templates, write content, edit files and manage the database. You can also use cloud storage via Customer Relation Management Software or CRM (Basecamp) to chat with customers, manage deadlines and upload and share files. You can also do this with Project Management tools such as Remember the Cow, Asana, and Dropbox Paper. Other services such as Evernote and TiddlyWiki are dedicated to file organising, note taking and archiving.


What to expect?


The main advantage of cloud storage systems such as iCloud storage and Yandex, is its accessibility. You only need the Internet to access your files, photos and videos and you won’t have to buy a hard disk or USB drive. You won’t have to worry about misplacing a single file or damaging a flash drive, which will save you time and space because you will need only one password to access your cloud storage account.


Why are we writing about it?


As we are part of the storage industry, cloud storage pops up all the time in our search. We unfortunately only cater for physical storage, but that doesn’t mean we can’t help you out by sharing our knowledge on the topic.


We are also similar to cloud storage in that you can access the services of Spacer anywhere or anytime you need them – so long as you are in Australia or the US.


Spacer can help you find your ideal garage or storage space for your valuables via our interactive map, customised search and smartphone app. Also, Spacer can help you monetise your idle space. For more information, visit Spacer.

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