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Packing Up the Swords and the Thrones

As our wait for Season 8 begins, Westeros is packing up for the long-awaited Winter. This leaves a key question for the world of dragons, faceless men and the dead; where do all the swords and thrones end up?

With the Night King on his way, the Team of the Living will need somewhere to store the massive amounts of mined Dragon Glass they have prepared for the war to come. As we are situated in the southern continent, far from the collapsing Wall, Spacer offers protected havens to safeguard the needed weapons. Valeryian steel, a treasure in increasingly high demand, is fortified with up to $25,000 of insurance cover and when the dead come marching, spaces are easily accessible to draw your swords whenever you need.

Due to the drastic seasonal change, all the summer wear must be packed away. With the stores of Winterfell now filled with grains to survive the winter, the Starks cannot afford to waste space on unused garments. As Summer is beginning to creep up on us here in Down-Under, there are several lock-up garage locations across Australia’s major cities suited to storing such items. There are plenty of spare spaces available!

As Gendry has finally stopped rowing, his boat and oars will need a place to rest. This far south of the wall, there are plenty of secured yard spaces suitable for boats of all sizes. Unused furniture even has a place to stay. With all the action at Dragonstone this season, the Iron Throne can be easily and cheaply stored to make room for Cersei’s conquest maps. Without the Tyrell’s gold and with all the Iron Bank funds spent on mercenaries, the Lannisters (like most of us) need inexpensive options.

With some of our larger spaces in Dundowran and Wakeley, Westeros even has the option to store the entire elusive plot of Dorne. Unfortunately, any remaining stashes of wildfire cannot be kept in our spaces due to its highly volatile nature (RIP Great Sept of Baelor).

Be prepared for the Great War to come! Check out Madpaws if you would like to pet-sit Direwolves, Dragons and Snow Bears while Westeros plans their survival.

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