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Nursery and Bedroom Storage Tips

When putting items in storage or transportation, it’s important that their quality is maintained throughout the process. To ensure that an item comes out of storage in the same state as it went in, certain processes must be taken. Bedrooms, be it a nursery or a master bedroom, have many pieces of furniture and accessories that need to be packed in a safe and efficient way.

Whether you need a place for nursery items between children, or you’re storing a range of bedroom items during a move, storage can provide an effective and secure option. Here’s the best way to pack and store the most common items from your nursery or bedroom.

Bedding, Linens and Towels

Start by washing all blankets, sheets, quilt covers, pillow cases and towels to remove dust and keep them fresh. It’s important to ensure that everything is completely dry before storing them. They can then be folded and wrapped in plastic or large plastic bags and stored in plastic containers or moving cartons.

Things like pillows and blankets provide excellent cushioning for other items, however these items should be wrapped individually as well.

Find out how to correctly pack and store a mattress (link to mattress packing tips)


Most bedrooms have large glass mirrors which are fragile. Before storing them, it’s a good idea to clean them to prevent tarnish and deter any creatures while in storage.

For smaller mirrors, the best practice is to use special mirror cartons for moving and storage. Bigger mirrors may require crating for additional protection. Be sure not to store anything on top of mirrors, or in a place where something can fall onto it.

Curtains and draperies

Before putting in to storage, draperies and curtains should be aired to remove any dust, or washed if there’s no warning against it. If they’re made from a durable material and won’t be damaged, they can be folded and stored in a similar way to linens.

A creative tip for packing and storing curtains and draperies, especially for fragile designs, is to use wardrobe cartons. You can fold curtains lengthwise and put them over the padded hanger rail within the carton.


Before storing rugs it’s a great idea to have them professionally cleaned. This way you will get them returned clean and wrapped. The wrap should allow the rug to breath and moisture to escape. You can also spray the wrap with insect repellent to deter insects from damaging the rug.

Rugs should be stored end to end or horizontally, rather than lying flat, however they should also be stored off the ground where the temperature will change less. If you can only choose one option, we would suggest off the ground takes preference.

If you’re looking to move house, store items from a bedroom or nursery, or simply need more storage space, Spacer can provide you with affordable, secure and local storage solutions.


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