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Moving to Norway?

Moving can be a very taxing on your body and mind. It’s a long process that takes a lot of organising and deliberating on what you want to be taking with you on your move. There are certain aspects of a country that you have to take into consideration before the big move. Norway for example, is at least an 18 hour flight from Australia, has a different climate as well as different habits so you need to take these into consideration when moving there on a long-term basis. Here are some tips and tricks that may be useful in your packing and move.


Please note that these are our recommendations and they do not constitute legal advice. If you are planning to move overseas, please seek professional legal assistance.


Getting Citizenship


If you’re born in Norway or have parents who are Norwegian, you already have Norwegian citizenship so the process of moving to Norway is made that much easier. If you have Australian citizenship and wish to move, the application process is a little more complicated. There are various permits and visas that you can get if you’re thinking about living in Norway on a permanent basis. If you’re moving for work purposes, in order to apply for a work immigration visa, you must obtain a residence permit first. This proves that you have your own property while you’re working in the country. You must also have an employment opportunity before applying. Do not forget to have your permits approved before your move.


Tax Cards


New tax cards are issued every year to citizens and permanent residents. If you are in the middle of processing your visas and permits, be very careful as you might be taxed at 50%. Make sure that you’ve applied and received your visas and permits before moving. Even though residents get their tax cards in the mail, they don’t always arrive on time so ensure you order one in advance. It is important to be on top of this before your current tax card expires, otherwise you may face hefty taxes. You will usually receive a large portion of your money back in your tax returns. These returns are automated so they may just appear in the mail or your account!


Take Only What you Need


It’s one of the most important rules of packing. Decide what it is you want to take and what you need to take with you. You can afford to take a few of your wants, for example some memorabilia, but try not to force more space. Necessities might include your laptop and clothes basics. Just don’t overdo it. If you have any clothes just lying in your closet collecting dust, donate it. Make the job of packing up your life easier for yourself. All the necessities can go into mobile storage units to ship off to your new home.


Measure your New Home Plans


Since you need to have a place of residence when you apply for visas, it is easy to obtain the plans of your place. This will make things a lot easier in regards to what you’ll be packing and what you can fit into each room. This can help you make decisions regarding heavier items of furniture, bed frames and mattresses. Make sure to measure these items of furniture so that they fit nicely into your new place. If you can’t fit an item into your new home, you might have to leave it behind, give it to a friend or family member or sell it and get a little extra money for the move.


Don’t Buy Any Fresh Food A Week Before Moving


Your electricity might still be functioning up until your move, however we don’t recommend you buy any fresh produce to prevent wastage. Try using up as much of the ingredients you already have so and make the most of it. If you don’t wish to repeatedly eat at restaurants, try meal-planning. If you still have things leftover, call family or friends over to see if they want any of the things you have and won’t be able to use.


Make Copies of Important Documents Needed


Upon arriving to Norway, you might need to have copies of documents such as deeds or permit approval. Make sure that you have printed out copies of these documents before leaving and place them somewhere easily accessible. This way, you don’t have to worry about trying to find them in storage and potentially paying extra to have it opened early. You might also need access to things like your birth certificate, proof of insurance and your tax claim as well.


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