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Meet Penelope

Meet Penelope, a 25 year old flower boutique store owner. She lives, breathes and dreams flowers. Loves the way they brighten up a room, how they add life to a garden, and how they make a person feel when they receive flowers. She is also a huge fan of Valentine’s Day, a day full of love, romance and most importantly, flowers. She grows envious of the people around her who have someone to send blooms to on this special day, since she has no such person in her life. However, she doesn’t let this get her down. She still has her special flowers, and one day, her time will come. It’s fate.

As she prepares for the dreaded and greatly anticipated Valentines Day, she finds herself at a loss. Not because she doesn’t have enough blooms to sustain her through the day, but that she has an excess. What will happen to the flowers? Will they just wither away before they’ve even had the chance to be gifted to a special someone? She needs storage space to keep her bulbs safe from extreme weather changes, somewhere with a regular temperature and sunlight. “Why don’t you go onto Spacer?” her friend Lily asked. “Spacer started in 2015 and connects people who need space with those who have a little extra. You could probably rent one for as low as $90 a week!” The idea of renting a space from another person and helping someone earn more money really appealed to Penelope, as she loved to help others and make them feel special. And she couldn’t deny that the price of it was alluring, she didn’t fancy obscenely priced spaces that did next to nothing for her beloved plants.

So she got onto and started to browse through the options around her store. It reminded her of Tinder, scrolling through potential listings until the right one appeared before her. She got to scrolling, filtering out the spaces that wouldn’t be able to give her flowers the care and conditions they needed. She began to despair, for it seemed as though there wasn’t a space available that was perfect for her. But she rallied her spirits, told herself that she wasn’t going to quit and that Spacer would deliver on their promise. Lo and behold, it finally appeared. She had found the perfect space for her flowers, an open room with plenty of sunlight and easy access for her to come in and water her bulbs. Penelope was ecstatic. It was close by, within walking distance, and was a secure home with security features installed. It was also incredibly reasonably priced, as she had looked at self-storage units in previous years and couldn’t budget it into her spending. This option came out of the blue, but it was welcome. She was helping her fellow community member earn extra money while keeping her precious blooms safe and secure; a win-win situation. And so she processed her payment and moved all her bulbs to the location and waited for Valentines to arrive.

A week later, the day was upon her. Penelope moved all her blooms into her store, got the pre-orders ready for dispatch and waited for her first customers to arrive. They came in droves, marvelling at the quality and quantity of her products. She was an artist, a creator of the highest degree. But deep down she knew that none of this would’ve been possible if it hadn’t been for Spacer. You see, Spacer had connected her with the space just right for her bulbs to stay in the best condition possible just days before Valentines Day. Spacer had worked a miracle, allowing her to swipe through all her potential listings until she found the rose amongst the thorns. She was ever so grateful to Spacer for making her Valentine’s Day and that of her customers, so special.

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