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Largest Warehouses in the World

A warehouse is commonly utilized for stocking supply or manufacturing goods. It’s not really the front infrastructure of a business or company. However, it is a vital part of business operations for certain industries. One can engage in various entrepreneurial opportunities if he or she has an empty warehouse. Other than manufacturing, transportation, export, and import, the warehouse business is quite extensive; hence, the largest warehouses in the world also belong to the biggest companies. Here’s a list of the biggest warehouses all over the globe:

1. Boeing Everett Factory –Washington, USA

This is the largest warehouse in the world. It has an area of 4.3 million square feet. To illustrate how big it is, 80 football pitches can fit inside it and still have enough room for a little coffee store.

2. John Deere Warehouse – Illinois, USA

The John Deere Warehouse stretches to 2.6 million square feet. It is the main hub of John Deere parts and one of the biggest warehouse companies in the world. This manufacturing company makes millions of household equipment, parts, and tools daily. It operates in over 30 countries, and most of their products come from the Illinois warehouse.

3. Target Import Warehouse – Washington, USA

One of the biggest discount retail franchises in the world is Target. Their main warehouse, located in Lacey, Washington, has an area of 2 million square feet. As the second-largest discount store retailer in the US next to Walgreens, Target has 1,802 stores in the country.

4. Jean-Luc Lagarde Plant – Toulouse, France

Another warehouse for aircrafts, this European plant occupies an area of 1.32 million square feet. This is where the largest airplanes in the world are put together, the Airbus 380.  The Everett factory may be the biggest warehouse, but the biggest airliner is sheltered in the Jean-Luc Lagarde Plant.

5. Amazon Fulfilment Centre – Dunfermline, Scotland

As the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon needs to operate in one of the biggest factories in the world. In 1995, Amazon founded it, and it took only three years for it to expand in the UK. The fulfilment center is 1 million square feet in size, and it is only one of Amazon’s many. There are more fulfilment centres all over the world, especially in the US. Amazon is not stopping, though, as it continues to expand its market reach by building more warehouses in small countries.

6. Shaw National Distribution Centre – Lancashire, England

This logistics warehouse is shared by Yodel and the retail giant, Shop Direct Group.

This 1 million square-foot warehouse accommodates over 1,500 employees. One interesting fact about it is that 60% of its workforce is made up of women.

7. Morrisons Distribution Centre – Sittingbourne, England

If you ever come around Sittingbourne, this warehouse is hard to miss. The big MORRISONS sign is a landmark for many residents. This 920,000 square-foot facility is made up of conservative projects that are completed during and after its construction. To promote its natural look and feel, 12,000 types of wildlife and insects were moved for conservation. So, in short, the warehouse is not only one of the biggest factories in the world, it also one of the eco-friendliest warehouses.

8. Tesco Distribution Centre – Lanestown, Ireland

Tesco is among the biggest multinational grocery and general merchandise retailers in the world. This 863,000 square-foot centre cost 70 million euros to build. The company is recognized for its convenience delivery system, which makes it easier for customers to purchase the supplies they need.

9. Meyer Werft – Papenburg, Germany

Meyer Werft has been catering to the biggest cruise liners that have been roaming around the world since 1795. It is one of the biggest warehouses and at the same time, one of the oldest. Meyer Werft is one of the pillars of the maritime industry in Germany. With an area of 678,000 square feet, this warehouse can contain 132 miles of ships.

10. Tesla Warehouse – California, USA

Tesla is bound to be included in this list, what with the large-sized vehicles it manufactures. Most of the company’s products are made in this 500,000 square-foot warehouse.

11. NASA Vehicle Assembly Building – Florida, USA

This building is located at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida. Just like Tesla, NASA is also expected to be on this list. This facility is utilized for constructing several space vehicles and equipment for astronauts and probes. It has been a destination for millions of students. One of the highlights in these field trips is the massive structure’s own weather system and rain clouds in the interior.

12. Constellation – Bristol, England

A liquor haven for millions of people, Constellation produces 15% of UK’s alcoholic beverages. Some of the best premium wines, beers, and spirits in all of UK are produced in this 261, 520-square-foot facility.

13. Amazon Warehouse – Schertz, Texas

Another facility by Amazon, this 117, 000-square foot factory makes use of warehouse robots that are capable of moving and organizing merchandise.

14. Aerium warehouse – Krausnick, Germany

The 14th largest warehouse in the world used to shelter airships, but it is now one of the biggest theme parks in the world.

Other than being among the biggest facilities in the world, these warehouses also employ a large number of workers. This is another brilliant thing about warehouses. They can maximize business operations, in turn generating more job opportunities for thousands of people. In Australia, 81% of businesses have increased their earnings after making use of warehouses for their operations. These facilities can be used for various business opportunities. The simplest business idea is self-storage. To be more specific, you can secure self-storage spaces either for supplies, manufacturing, parking, and more.

If you want to offer your space as a warehouse for rent or if you are looking for one to hold your inventory, you can visit for more information.

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