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Kitchenware Storage Tips

If you’re moving houses, the kitchen will likely be the one of the biggest jobs in terms of packing. There’s so many cupboards, draws and shelves, all with their own items. Many of the items in the kitchen can be fragile and valuable. Because of this, it’s important you have an effective and organised way to pack and store kitchenware’s. We’ve categorised the top types of items found in the kitchen and provided our best packing tips for moving and storing your kitchenware’s.

China, Glassware & Cups

Glass, crystal glassware and fine china will be some of the most valuable items in your kitchen so it’s important you pack these things properly to ensure their safety during transport and storage. If you have the original packaging for these items, that would obviously work best.

If that’s not an option, begin by wrapping each item individually, with clean packing paper and then an outer layer of two pieces of newspaper. It’s important that the whole item is wrapped and paper is tucked and folded. Adding a piece of foam or bubble wrap between each layer will provide more protection.

For cups and glassware, pre-sectioned boxes will be most effective. Fragile glasses should not be stacked upon each other unless there’s a solid layer of separation. Padding should be used on the bottom of your box and in between each item.

Pots & Pans

Pots and pans can be packed in boxes and stacked according to size. Each pot or pan should be wrapped in clean packing paper to protect it from scratches. Foam or bubble wrap can be used between each item for added protection.

The box should then be filled with crushed newspaper to fill any empty space as to ensure there’s no movement in transit.

Bowls and Odd-shaped items

Like pots and pans, mixing bowls can be stacked according to size and wrapped in packing paper. Other bowls, like serving and soup bowls should be wrapped in packing paper and newspaper individually.

Items that have odd shapes or standalone ornamental pieces should be wrapped and placed in their own boxes.

Silver & Flatware

Silver and flatware can be wrapped in plastic wrap with an outer layer of newspaper. This will prevent tarnish and rust. These types of items can be wrapped individually or in sets.

Bath towels work great for cushioning and protection for silver and flatware, as well as glass items.


Appliances, like food processors, juicers and blenders can be packed in their original packaging or in durable cartons or boxes. They should be wrapped in packing paper or a towel and any extra space within the boxes should be filled with crushed paper.

Sharp blades should be removed and covered with cardboard or knife shields.

If you’re looking to store kitchen supplies, or simply need more storage space, Spacer can provide you with affordable, secure and local storage solutions.


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