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How to keep your Storage Unit/Room in Peak Condition

Renting out your spare room, garage or backyard shed on Spacer is one of the easiest ways to make money. But if you really want to be the best Host you can be, there are a few things that you can do to prepare your space and protect your Renter’s beloved items. 

If you’ve ever been interested in becoming part of the storage Sydney community – or storage Brisbane or storage Melbourne! – this article will cover everything you need to know about becoming a super star Host!

Becoming a Host is easy, but how can you stand out?

The most successful Hosts on Spacer are usually the ones asking themselves that exact question. How can you make the experience for your Renters positive and reassuring? What can you do to take the best care of their treasured items? And how can you avoid issues like mould and dust or anything else that might damage your space and your Renter’s items?

Luckily, there’s a lot that you can do to keep your Renter calm and keep their items safe. These simple tips will ensure that your space is clean, safe, and mould free.

Step One – Keep the space clear

The fewer items in your storage space, the better you’ll be able to care for your Renter’s items. Before you open up your space to potential Renters, then, it’s important to take the time to clear the space out. This will also allow you to fully clean and disinfect the area before opening it up to Renters. 

Step Two – Dehumidifying techniques

One of the biggest threats to the items stored in your home is mould. Mould can grow quickly on many different kinds of surfaces, staining fabrics, eating away at hard surfaces, creating an unfavorable smell, and ruining pictures. In general, mould grows as the result of moisture accumulation, which encourages mould spores to take root and grow colonies. Once mould pops up, it can be very difficult to treat, with mould removal services costing hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars.

Not only is mould a danger to the items in your house, but it can also have negative health implications as well. And, it can be difficult to recognise the effects of mould because the symptoms are similar to seasonal allergies or existing respiratory conditions like asthma. That means members in your household could be suffering from mould exposure without notice. 

Instead of waiting for this pesky issue to pop up and then scour the internet for the best mould removal services or how to get rid of mould guides, your best option is to prevent it from growing in the first place.

Dehumidifying measures are helpful in creating inhospitable environments for mould growth. Here are a few ways to keep mould out of your home:

  • Always fix leaky or broken pipes immediately

  • Invest in proper ventilation

  • Shower and cook with windows and vents open

  • Be aware of indoor plants. Unfortunately, some indoor plants trap and produce moisture that can linger in the air. Do not house plants in the rooms where you’ll be keeping Renter’s items. 

You might also invest in dehumidifying appliances to place throughout the home and especially in the room where you might be housing your Renter’s items. During the winter months, it can be especially difficult to keep the humidity down in your home, so take extra care to avoid unnecessary moisture.

Step Three – Temperature control

Unlike in storage facilities where temperature control is an added expense or simply not offered, Renters assume that the items they store in a home will not be subject to temperature damage. If you’re able to assure them that their fragile items will not be in a sweltering room in the summer or freezing room in the winter, they’ll rest easy knowing that their furniture, pictures, or other items will be safe from warping. 

Step Four – Limit sun exposure

Direct sunlight can be damaging to many materials, while also contributing to temperature fluctuations. Invest in some high quality UV-blocking blinds to keep your storage space safe from sunlight damage.

Pro tip: Be mindful of your location

If you live in a beach-side home, your storage challenges will be quite different than someone living in the mountains. Not only will you face unique weather-related effects but your Renters will likely be storing different kinds of items – think, surf boards versus skis or snowboards. Take a bit of time to think about how your climate might affect the items in your storage, and plan appropriately. 

For more helpful tips on storing for your area, read our article on How to Store Equipment If You Live Along the Coast

Step Five – Avoid stacking

When boxes are piled high in your storage room, accidents and damages are pretty much inevitable. Stacks of items make it more difficult to clean around the stored items, and there’s a risk of everything toppling over when you’re cleaning or simply from normal settling.

An easy solution that will also increase the appeal of your storage unit is to add shelving. 

Step Six – Friendly talks with your Renter

When you start chatting with your potential Renter, it can be helpful to remember that they are entrusting you with their prized possessions. Don’t be afraid to tell them the steps you’ve taken to prepare your storage space for their items. They’ll instantly feel more relaxed and the Host-Renter relationship will start out on good footing.

Now, there are some things that your Renter can do to help you keep your space cleaner and safer for their items. Using heavy duty plastic bins and proper storage for linens and bedding will ensure that rodents and insects aren’t able to touch their beloved family treasures. While they will be able to make the final decision on how they pack up their items, you might keep a few plastic boxes on hand to offer them or send them over to our blog for tips on the best storage tools from IKEA

And once a Renter’s items are in your care, they may check in periodically to make sure that their items are being well cared-for or notify you if they’ll be retrieving their items soon. Always make sure to respond in a timely manner to put them at ease. In the case that you do have to call in a mould removal service, it’s important to be open and honest with the Renter and the Spacer team so that we can work together for a solution!

Becoming a great Host through Spacer is one of the best ways to make money 

When Renters provide you with positive reviews, you’ll notice that more and more people will trust you to care for their beloved items. So, how much money can you make when you become a star Host?

All you have to do to find out how much money you can make through Spacer is enter your information into our helpful earning estimator. With just your suburb and type of space, we can tell you how much money you can make monthly!

To give you a sense of how much you can earn by becoming a Host, let’s take a look at some popular areas for storage Sydney. Within Surry Hills and Redfern, for instance, you can list your rental space for anywhere between $160 and $570. And because all you have to do to get started is prepare your space and list it with Spacer, it’s no surprise that this is one of the most popular ways to make money through passive income.

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