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How To Keep Your Home Safe During Long-Term Travel

So you’ve booked your flights and made a packing list. But what about the stuff you can’t take with you? Are you really going to leave your beloved TV behind without a second thought?

We spoke to our friends at National Storage for some advice on how to keep your home and belongings safe during your travels.


Tell Someone Your Travel Plans

Whether it’s a friend, family member, or neighbour, you should let someone know you’re leaving, and how long you’ll be gone. This way, they can keep an eye out for anything suspicious while you’re away.

Give a trusted friend, family member, or neighbour a spare key to your house in case of emergency.


…But Don’t Announce It on Social Media

While it may be tempting to tell the world about your upcoming vacation, it’s not the best idea to make your absence public knowledge on the internet. If you’re too excited not to share the news (and an endless stream of holiday snaps) online, be sure to change your settings to ‘private’.

Don’t tell the world your home will be vacant for a while. Ensure your social media accounts are on ‘private’ before posting those travel snaps.


Turn Off Electrical Appliances

It’s better to be safe than sorry. Whether you turn them off at the wall or unplug them altogether, this is a great way to protect your pricey appliances should a power surge occur while you’re gone.

Safeguard your electronics in case of a power surge by turning them off at the wall, and buying a surge protector for your fridge if you want to keep it running.


Put Your Mail on Hold

Piled up newspapers, parcels, and an overflowing letterbox are tell-tale signs that you’re not home, and your valuables are up for grabs. You can put your mail and any newspaper or magazine subscriptions on hold online or in person at your local post office.

Put your mail and subscriptions on hold or redirect them to a friend or family member’s home while you’re away.


Keep Things as Normal as Possible

If you don’t leave your lights on all day and night when you’re home, don’t leave them on when you go away. The same goes for your curtains; if you usually keep them open, shutting them up for a few weeks might tip off that you’re not home.

You can buy timers that automatically turn your lights on to make it look like someone is home during the night.


Lock Everything

Not just your front door. Your back door, side door, windows, garage door, and garden shed, too. Be sure to lock every point of access to your home and belongings, just in case.

Double-check all your locks before you leave for peace of mind.


Put Your Valuables into Storage

If you really don’t want to risk having your valuable or sentimental items stolen while you’re living it up on holiday, consider placing them in a storage unit until you get back.

For more handy tips on keeping your home safe during travel, check out this checklist from National Storage.

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