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House Moving Tips from the Storage Solution Experts

If you learn one thing during a house move, it’s that you have way more stuff than you realised. We recently shared our storage solutions with Better Built Homes for their ultimate house moving checklist.

It all starts with strategic packing. As you’re packing up your belongings, put every item into one of five categories:

  • Take the items you need and use all the time.

  • Toss any unwanted possessions.

  • Sell the items you never use, but are in good condition.

  • Donate any clothes and shoes you’ve outgrown.

  • Store everything else.

That’s where comes in. If you’re downsizing or want to stash some stuff – such as suitcases or seasonal clothes – in an easily accessible spot, we can help you to find a local storage room.


We connect people who have a spare storage space to those who need one, and our spaces are up to 50% cheaper than traditional storage options.


Between hiring removalists, paying a bond, and purchasing packing supplies, moving can be an expensive exercise, so these savings can add up.


For a stress-free move, how you pack matters too.


In the blog, we suggest taking the time to wrap fragile items in bubble wrap, and dinnerware in butcher’s paper. Then, label every box clearly – the more specific, the better!


As we said, “The entire unpacking process is so much less daunting when you can easily organise your boxes into rooms and tackle them that way.”


For an easy-breezy first night in your new home, we recommend packing a ‘carry on’ with the essentials. Think toiletries, coffee, cleaning supplies and snacks.


Let’s be honest: “No one wants to spend three hours searching for their toothbrush on night one!”


The Sydney-based residential home builders at Better Built Homes have seen their fair share of moves. In their words, “With the help of professionals, moving homes doesn’t have to be so painful.”


If you need storage space, search to find one that suits your size requirements and budget.

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