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Clothes and Manchester Storage Tips

Clothes and manchester can generally be divided into seasonal categories. Clothes and manchester used in the autumn and winter months can be separated from those used in the spring and summer months. Because we have different clothes for different seasons, or wardrobes and cupboards can often become overcrowded. Winter clothes get pushed to the back while we rotate through our summer wardrobe. When winter comes around it can be difficult to find jumpers and coats we had all but forgotten about.

The best way to fix an overcrowded wardrobe is to place half of your wardrobe in storage. This means you have more room for clothes that suit the season and you can easily find the appropriate outfit. If you’re not going to wear clothing or use certain Manchester for a season or two, and decide to place them in storage, there’s a few steps you can take beforehand to ensure they remain in perfect condition.

  • Launder

As with most things, before you place them into storage, you should give your clothes, Manchester and linen a proper clean. What is actually required will depend on what type of material it is. A simple wash in your home washing machine may suffice or a trip to the dry cleaners may be in order. Ensuring your items are clean is important because perfume and deodorants can stain over time and insects are attracted to dirt and dust. 

  • Polish

This tip isn’t directly related towards clothes or manchester, but if you’re cleaning out your wardrobe you might as well go all the way. Certain shoes and boots are as seasonally dependant as clothes are, so storing these things as well makes sense.

Shoes and boots should be cleaned so all dirt is removed. They can also be polished and leather items can be rubbed with a small amount of oil. Stuffing shoes with clean tissue paper will help them keep their shape.

  • Repair

While you are sifting through your items, take the opportunity to repair any items that you are going to keep. Doing it now will be much easier than trying to find the damaged item after you pull it back out of storage.

  • Storage options

There’s several options regarding what you can store your clothes in. Vacuum bags can be great for saving space as they can squash large amounts of clothing and manchester into thin bags. However, vacuum bags should only be used for short term storage, especially for natural fibres like wool and silk. This is because, over a long period of time, (a few months) clothes made from natural fibres can lose their shape and be damaged from plastic bags.

Plastic boxes are a much better option when storing your clothes and manchester for several months at a time. The boxes should have a lid that makes them air tight to prevent insects and pests getting in while also preventing the growth of mould and mildew.

Cardboard boxes should be avoided as they’re not airtight and will attract mice.

  • Packing

There’s no need to iron clothes before storage as you will need to when you take them out. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take care when packing them. To begin with, heavier items should be placed at the bottom of the bag or box, while lighter items can be placed at the top, or in separate boxes.

Rolling often allows you to fit more items than folding, but you shouldn’t over pack and stuff items into bags and boxes. This can cause damage, make items lose their shape or just make it difficult to iron when you need to get them back out. A storage box with a hanging rail can also be useful for certain items.

Your items should be kept somewhere that’s cool, dry, clean and dark.

Storing your seasonal clothes and manchester in storage can be a great way to free up space and rotate your wardrobe to make your items more easily accessible.


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