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Christmas Countdown #6: Where Should I Buy My Christmas Tree?

Beginning September of every year, people all over the world begin their preparations to usher in the Christmas season by going shopping for gifts, holiday decorations and Christmas goodies. Even before December approaches, houses and offices are decked in holiday decorations and these include the traditional Christmas tree. If you’re deciding on which Christmas tree to buy, we have some suggestions that will help you narrow down your search.

Artificial vs real Christmas tree

The first things to decide on is whether or not you want a real tree in the house or a synthetic tree. Both will look equally stunning depending on their quality and the way in which you decorate them. However, if you’re not just after the appearance and you’d like the look and feel of a natural tree, then a real Christmas tree is what you need.


Despite the mess a real Christmas tree brings, most people love it because of the natural fragrance it emits. If you keep it watered, your tree will last for about five weeks. In addition, it helps reduce carbon dioxide within your home, leaving the air nice and fresh for the holiday festivities. After the holidays, you can turn it into compost to further help the environment. There are also potted real Christmas trees you can keep for the whole year or use for next Christmas. Here are some brands that offer real Christmas trees:

Real Christmas Trees

From the name itself, Real Christmas Trees assures you that they offer genuine Christmas trees. The price ranges from $74 to $189. They also offer a variety of stands for your tree as well as a spray to keep your tree looking fresh and in good condition for the decorating.

Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm

This farm has been growing Christmas trees for about 50 years. They offer affordable Christmas trees together with their metal Christmas tree stands, which the farm also manufactures. They provide Christmas tree netting as well, so your Christmas tree is wrapped and ready to take home. Their netting service cost $5 per Christmas tree, whilst the price of the Christmas trees ranges from $40 to $220 (4 ft – 9 ft in size).

Merlino’s Christmas Trees

Just like Dandenong Christmas Tree Farm, Merlino’s Christmas Trees has been in the industry for more than 50 years. It is a family-run business which offers one of the best real Christmas trees in Sydney’s inner west. Its price ranges from $70 to $200, for sizes ranging from 5 ft to over 9 ft.


If you prefer livelier colours such as white, pink or silver, an artificial tree has got you covered. There are plenty of colours available in artificial Christmas trees which will certainly complement your home’s design. In addition, artificial Christmas trees are easy to maintain, and they can last for many years. As they are made of plastic, they are customisable and come in all shapes and sizes. On the other hand, if artificial Christmas trees are more to your liking, here are some of the brands you can check out:

The Christmas Tree Company

If you are looking for an extensive selection of realistic artificial Christmas trees, this company has got your back. Their Christmas trees range from $175 to $1,400 depending on the size.

Bunnings Christmas Tree

If you are looking for artificial Christmas trees at a reasonable price, a Bunnings Christmas Tree is what you need. A Christmas tree at Bunnings will cost around $20 to $299. The Bunnings Christmas sale also offers accessories to complement your Christmas tree. What’s more exciting at the Bunnings Christmas sale is they also have a variety of Christmas lights and other accessories at affordable prices.

Christmas Elves

This company has a variety of realistic Christmas trees ranging from 2 to 12 feet in size. You can also refine your search by choosing the colours for your Christmas tree accessories. Their Christmas trees come in different colours, and they also offer fibre optic trees that have built-in lights. The prices of their Christmas trees range from $200 to $700.

Your Storage Solution

The decision is all yours whether you’re going to choose a real or an artificial Christmas tree.  This depends on your personal preferences. However, be sure to clean up after the holidays to spruce up your home for the new year. However, cleaning up after the holidays can be a hassle especially if you no longer have enough storage space in your house. Luckily, Spacer has got your back. Spacer offers storage spaces near you, whether it’s for your car, furniture, pallets or even for your boat. If you need to store your Christmas decorations after the holiday, all you need to do is search for your space, book it and move in. For affordable, secure and accessible storage spaces, book your space now at Spacer.

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