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Christmas Countdown #4: Wrapping Paper-Where do you Get It and How do you Store It?

Christmas is a time of celebration and excess, whether it be an excess of food, presents or getting involved in family traditions. Wrapping paper is especially in high demand, with all the presents that are both gifted and received on this holiday. There are so many different kinds of wrapping paper out there that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of the trends. If you’re into themed and custom designs, there are specialty stores that will help you to wrap your presents with a little extra flair for this Christmas holiday.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores such as Coles and Woolworths will certainly have some wrapping paper for you to use, as well as other Christmas related things such as cards, toys and even themed food that’s limited only to the holiday season. These two aren’t the only stores that provide this service, with independent grocers doing similar promotions with their own merchandise for more of a variety.

Arts and Craft Stores

If you’re looking for something a little more artsy and unique, arts and craft stores can help you with this. They have their own wrapping paper available for purchase, as well as tools you can use to create your own wrapping paper if you so choose. It’s a sure way to ensure that your wrapping paper is the most unique, so be sure to start this a little earlier so that it’s ready when you have gathered all the presents you want to wrap up and gift.

Online Stores

There are so many online stores that offer Christmas wrapping paper to consumers. There are even some stores that offer custom designs if you’re looking for them, as well as having a wide variety of papers to choose from, a larger selection that most physical stores. If you really want to take your wrapping to the next level, look at some of the options that these stores have available.



Storing away your wrapping paper however, is another matter entirely. There are various ways to store these away if you still have some leftover and want to use these for next Christmas. Here are some of the more creative ways that you can use to store your wrapping paper.

Use a Hamper

Hampers aren’t used just for carrying your dirty clothes that need to be washed. It can also be used to house all the wrapping papers that you haven’t been able to use for Christmas, as well as others used for things like birthdays and other gifts. This way, you’ll be able to easily see which wrapping papers you need for what purposes without having to empty the entire hamper and digging through to find what you need.

Towel Racks

Attaching multiple towel racks to a wall or a closet could be useful for storing your wrapping paper. It gives you a nice look at your collection while making it easier for you to cut sections off after rolling off however much you need. Keeping them in a cupboard or closet also keeps them dry and out of direct sunlight, which can affect the paper sometimes, and cause it to become brittle and hard to wrap.

Wire Shelves

These are a great idea if you have a lot of crepe and tissue paper that you use either on its own to wrap presents, or together with wrapping paper so you have an extra layer of security to the gift. With a wire shelf, you can simply hang your papers down through each rung and be easily able to see which ones you want to use. This is also a good idea if you have gift bags that you want to store together with your wrapping paper.

Under the Bed

If you’re a little short on room, you can always store your wrappings and gift bags in a container and leave it under your bed. If your bed frame doesn’t touch the floor, than it’s easy to just slip the container under the bed and wait until next Christmas, birthday or occasion for wrapping presents. It also saves you from using another room or closet in your home for wrapping paper.


A simple chest of drawers is also an easy solution for storing away your wrapping papers and decorations for presents. You can use several of them for your wrapping papers, while others can be used for other decorative ornaments such as ribbon, cards and attachable baubles. Another drawer can be used for all your gift bags, and perhaps you may have enough drawers to separate your decorations into large and smaller sized wrappings.


If you don’t have any space to store these wrapping papers properly or in the way that you would like, you can always use Spacer to store. You can even find a storage space in your local area so that your wrapping paper is never far away when you need it most. If you have extra space though, even after storing away your Christmas decorating, become a Spacer host and rent out your space so that other renters are able to store their things away for Christmas. You will be able to earn a little extra money this Christmas from renting out your storage space alone, so list your space today!

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