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Beach Road Trip: Queensland’s Great Beach Drive

If you are raring to go to the beach and want to see a lot of it, Queensland’s Great Beach Drive will fully satisfy your desire. Millions of Aussies and people from all over the world take Queensland’s Great Beach Drive that starts at Hervey Bay which is known to have one of the best coastlines in the world. The drive concludes at the coloured sands of Noosa. For a more convenient trip, it is best to bring a four-wheel drive for the road.

Hervey Bay


If you’re traveling from Brisbane to Hervey Bay, remember to stop by and enjoy the view at Wild Horse Mountain. It’s a scenery you wouldn’t want to miss. Once you reach the bay, you might be able to witness the “underwater whale” experience at the Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere. Hervey Bay offers some of the best educational parks in the country including the Wetside, Hervey Bay Caravan Park and Discovery Parks. There are also several cafes, playgrounds and waterfront parks in the area. If you’re taking the children with you, make sure you check out the Board Rider.

Lady Elliot Island


From Hervey Bay, you would want to go to Lady Elliot Island by air. The trip will take only 40 minutes from the Fraser Coast Airport to the coral island. Lady Elliot Island is one of the cays of the Great Barrier Reef, where you can have the best reef experience in the world. Enjoy swimming, snorkelling or diving into the crystal clear waters. Visiting in the months of November to March for the egg laying season of the Green Sea Turtles is probably one of the most amazing events you can ever experience.

Fraser Island


Fly back to Hervey Bay and if you have plenty of time, visit the Great Sandy National Park. Then, head on to Fraser Island. Strap on your seatbelt and make your way to the Kingfisher Bay through River Heads. Among the destinations that you will enjoy are the Happy Valley, Lake Wabby and Pile Valley. Just from their names, you know you’re going to have an amazing experience. You also get to see some lakes surrounded by sublime trees at 75 Mile Beach. Fraser Island is also considered one of the best camping sites in Australia.

Rainbow Beach


From this point forward, it’s going to be more beaches. As you continue your journey, you may catch a glimpse of dingoes, Jabirus, sharks and other interesting marine wildlife. Once you reach the Rainbow Beach via Hook Point to Inskip Point, you will likely see paragliders in the air. The coloured sand of Rainbow Beach is so inviting that instead of renting a hotel, people opt for Rainbow Beach Camping. Why see the idyllic sand from your hotel window if you can lie above it at night? This is also a good time to go surfing. Before heading to the beach, seek tide information from the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS), or from someone who lives nearby.

Tin Can Bay – Noosa


Before moving on with your trip, make sure to get in touch with QPWS for weather and tide conditions. In your final stop, you will want the sun to shine and the ocean to become tame. To reach the Tin Can Bay, take the dolphin ferry and you will get the chance to get an up close and personal interaction with Indo Pacific Humpback Dolphins. After that, head back to Rainbow Beach to take the Leisha Track and go to the Double Island Point. The point is the next headland to Noosa and is within the Cooloola section. You may have a chance to witness the annual humpback whale migration if you visit during winter. Your last stop will be Noosa Heads.


In a nutshell, Queensland’s Great Beach Drive is an amazing coastal route from Brisbane to Hervey Bay all the way to the Great Sandy National Park, Rainbow Beach, Double Island Point and Noosa Heads.

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