15 Travel Packing Tips for a Hassle-free Holiday

Surveys show that approximately 88% of people travel abroad one to three times a year. Indeed, more and more people have discovered the perks of travelling – from immersing themselves in other cultures to exploring new local cuisines. But this moment needs enough preparation.

Rummaging through your stuff, your heart wrenches tighter every second as you still can’t find your earphones inside your bag. Worse, your phone is also nowhere to be found. You’ve already turned every pocket inside out, only to realize that you’ve left both at home. If you’re one of those people that can’t live without these gadgets, then a supposedly happy day just turned into the worst disaster. 

With the holiday season fast approaching, everybody has their plans for seeing the world. To avoid more of these nerve-wracking instances, here are some travel packing tips for a hassle-free holiday.

Travel Packing Tip #1: Know what’s out there.

Conduct a thorough research about the place where you plan to go. Knowing the area’s geography, temperature, and weather, as well as the people’s culture and all the vehicle depots, will provide you the best travel experience while still ensuring your safety. This will also allow you to determine the appropriate clothes and gadgets to bring.

Travel Packing Tip #2: Learn from others’ experiences.

A friend who has been to the place you plan to visit can help you become familiar with it.       Asking them the best and worst things about it will give you first hand information on how to act and what to avoid after your touchdown.

Their experiences about lost luggage or the quality of accommodations can help you better decide what to bring and how you should pack them.

Travel Packing Tip #3: Identify your must-haves.

Based on the information you’ve gathered, you now have a better idea of the things you should bring.

Travel Packing Tip #4: Write down important things to remember.

Not everybody has a photographic memory, so writing down the things you will need--from extra sanitary pads to a bunch of your favorite chips--will make your trip near perfect. Travel Addicts has a recommended holiday packing list.

Travel Packing Tip #5: Transform your notes into a checklist.

After writing everything down, the next thing you should do is to keep that list with you at least until you take a seat on the plane. This will allow you to easily access it, in case you want to double check that you have brought and packed everything you need.

Travel Packing Tip #6: Shop ahead of time.

Get everything from your travel checklist done a couple of days before your flight. This will provide extra time for you to shop if you forget or miss some of the things you need.