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10 Creative Ideas for Toy Car Storage

The popularity of electronic toys and gadgets has surged in recent years, thanks to the new features and technologies introduced by toy manufacturers.  Whilst it might seem like video and online games are dominating children’s wish lists, global toy manufacturing is still a huge industry. In Australia, toy sales reached around $1.5 billion in 2017.

One of the traditional toys that still charm kids are toy cars which come in different colours and sizes. Most kids love to own these shiny, diecast toy models which mimic the look of their parent’s vehicles or the ones they see on television. Single or by set, these toys put a smile on a kid’s face.  Most likely, your children accumulate dozens of toys as they grow up, and you may need to come up with practical Hotwheel car storage solutions for them. Toy cars, aside from adding clutter to your home, may also cause injuries if you accidentally step, slip, or trip on them.

These fun storage methods will help make packing up fun for your kids. You can pretend they are parking the toy cars in a make-believe garage.  This would make them feel like grown-ups, responsible for the safety and security of their cars. Try these practical solutions for toy car storage.

No automatic alt text available.Toy Car Storage Idea #1: Toilet paper roll organiser

Don’t discard those toilet paper rolls. They can serve as a perfect storage for your kid’s toy cars. Just glue them to a thick cardboard sheet, then hang it on a wall or on the closet door in your child’s bedroom.  You can also use mail tubes, which are more durable and sturdier.

Toy Car Storage Idea #2: Hanging car park

Use fabric organisers with multiple pockets to keep toy cars when your child gets tired of playing with them. Hang them on hooks, making them also serve as décor in the playroom.

Toy Car Storage Idea #3: Magnetic car park

Glue tiny magnets to the car’s undercarriage and attach them to magnetic bars (such as those used to hold kitchen knives), which can then be screwed onto your kid’s bedroom wall.

Toy Car Storage Idea #4: Cardboard car park

Don’t throw away those big cartons and cardboard boxes. They can be used as carry cases for toy cars. Cover them in arty wallpaper if you want a more exciting look that your children will love.

Toy Car Storage Idea #5: Shoe rack car park

This is one of the most popular ideas for toy car storage. You can opt to do your own by flipping two shoe racks on their side and attaching them together.  If you don’t have a knack for DIY, just pick one or two ready-made ones from the toy store.

Toy Car Storage Idea #6: Wheels car park

Used tires can be remodelled as toy cars’ parking area. Attach wooden slats in the middle portion and you’ll have a nice toy car park in no time. Put the Hotwheel car storage in your son’s room so he can access it easily.

Toy Car Storage Idea #7: Bucket storage

Those small plastic pails can come in handy for toy storage. Maybe your child has one for playing in his sandbox. Get a few more, wrap, or cover them up with colourful fabric. Sew a string on the top edge to close the fabric wrap. These dressed-up buckets can be used to store your children’s toy cars.

Toy Car Storage Idea #8: Storage jars

Instead of cookies or kitchen essentials, you can put toy cars in big storage jars.  Colour-coordinate the cars or group them according to their models. This way, you won’t have to pull out all the contents if you only want to see a particular vehicle. You can easily identify which storage jar holds the toy car your kid wants.

Toy Car Storage Idea #9: Plastic storage bins

If you have little time to practice your creativity, just buy one or a few of those plastic storage bins that come with colourful lids and handles.  These can work as storage areas or carry cases whenever kid wants to bring along their toys on an outing.

Toy Car Storage Idea #10: Car park under the bed

Make a mini car park using a playmat. You can draw streets and road signs on it.  When your child gets tired of playing, you can just slide the mat under their bed. Cover it with soft cloth to protect it from dust.

Organising kids’ toys need not be a hassle.  Make practical storage spaces and places, which can help your kids manage their toy cars. A little resourcefulness and creativity can go a long way. Using reusable and recyclable materials from your home is a great way to organise and store your kids’ toy cars.

If your kids’ collection of toys is now too big for your home, you might want to consider renting out a storage space through Spacer.  Together with other personal properties such as the furniture, jewellery and electronics, which you have not been using for a long time, you can put the toy cars in a temporary storage. Contact Spacer and they can guide you in choosing the best storage spaces that match your needs. Whether you need short or long-term storage, Spacer can easily find the space that fits your preference. Visit Spacer now!

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