Parking at UNSW

One of the oldest universities in Australia along with the University of Sydney, UNSW is ranked Number 1 in New South Wales and 45th in the world. Along with its main campus in Kensington, there is the UNSW Art and Design campus in Paddington, UNSW Canberra located in the Defence Force Academy and other campuses dotted all around the New South Wales region. Originally an engineering and science school, UNSW quickly expanded to include social sciences, business, medicine, law, military studies and fine arts. With over 53,000 students and over 200 clubs, the large, open campus is always an exciting place to be.

Public Transport

As the suburb of Kensington is approximately 7km from the CBD, there are a range of buses and other options that are available for students to take.


Since Kensington doesn’t have a designated train station, buses are the usual mode of transport for students. However, trains are still used by students who live out of the city as a means to catch buses that travel directly to or past the campus. Most students disembark at Central Station to meet the bus services.


There are special shuttle buses that travel directly to the Kensington campus from Eddy Ave. Students usually take the train to Central Station, exiting at the Eddy Ave bus station and taking the designated student bus to the University. There are also public buses that travel past the entrances of UNSW, so that students can skip the long lines waiting for the shuttle buses.

On-Campus and Off-Campus Parking

There are many parking areas which students and staff can use while on-campus. Casual parking is accessible through the top floors of the Barker St and Botany St car parks. Students with a parking permit are allowed to park in any of the car parks. A day permit usually costs around $21.50 and a weekly permit, $74. Parking is usually free on weekends, public holidays and before and after the permit hours which are 7:30am-7:30pm from Monday-Friday. For more details on parking rates at UNSW, click here. There is also parking available on neighbouring streets, High St is particularly popular, however as they are residential streets they are often occupied by residents, thereby leaving only a limited amount of space for students.

Need Parking near UNSW?

UNSW is a popular education and research hub for Australian and International Students. With student numbers expected to increase, parking will become more and more difficult. Despite upcoming advancements in public transport, cars may still be the most convenient mode of transportation for some students. If you need an affordable, guaranteed car space near UNSW, find a car space easily on Spacer.

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