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Read all the news The sharing economy is becoming an increasingly popular way for Australians to earn money from their spare time or unused assets. The Sharing Hub, a Sydney accelerator for sharing economy startups, estimates that one in ten Australians are participating as suppliers in the sharing economy to boost their income. About half are also ...
Anyone who’s moved homes knows the feeling of having too much stuff. And it’s not helped by the fact that most of the time, it’s a decent trek to the nearest self-storage facility.
Spacer is Australia’s premier peer to peer marketplace for storage space. Quite simply, they connect people with space to people who need space - an increasingly rare commodity in today's world.
SPACER The Marketplace for Space

Spacer is the brainchild of founders Mike Rosenbaum and Roland Tam, concepted over a coffee, consummated over a beer (or two) and given birth over many late hours of development and hard work.