Monash University

“Ancora imparo” or “I am still learning” in English is the motto of the prestigious Monash University, established in 1958 at Scenic Boulevard in Clayton, Victoria. It is the second oldest learning institution in the state, next to the University of Melbourne. It is also one of the leading universities in all of Australia when it comes to research, being a member of the research coalition Group of Eight or Go8.

Monash University educates over 70,000 students and has a high-caliber academic staff of more than 8,000. The university’s campuses are testaments of innovative architecture. Monash University is not only a facility for learning, but also a tourist destination for people visiting the city of Clayton.

The fact that the university is among the top destinations in the city makes Monash University parking a little bit more challenging. Nevertheless, there are various travel options to and from the university for both students and visitors.

Public Transport

Students can either drive their car, ride a train, or take the tram or a bus to go to school. It is important to remember that Monash University is not compacted into one campus. The university comprises of the Caulfield campus, Parkville campus, Peninsula campus, and the Clayton campus.


Students can catch the train to Caulfield station just next to the campus, and it will pass through Cranbourne, Dandenong, Frankston, and Pakenham. For the Clayton campus, students need to ride either the Dandenong, Pakenham, or Cranbourne line to the Huntingdale station and then from there, take a bus ride to the campus. Taking the Upfield line to Royal Park Station is the best way for students going to the Parkville campus. Lastly, Frankston line and Stony Point line are the trains to get on if you want to reach the Peninsula campus.


Even if the university is divided into campuses, bus transportation is not a problem. All over the cities and suburbs are bus stops, with buses ready to take everyone straight to the campuses or maybe to a train station that will then take them to Monash University. However, for students going to the campus in Parkville, it is best to take the train than go on the bus.

On-Campus and Off-Campus Parking

Just like in most universities throughout the country, Monash University parking is not for free. The university offers both metered and flat rates, and depending on where you choose to park, they can range from $1 per hour to $19.20 for 8 hours. If all these options are no longer available, there is always street parking. However, this option is only accessible for people with parking permits.

It is important to remember that students are not the only ones allowed in campus parking. There are employees, faculty staff, and guests. Street parking is also not without some problems because it is available only for those with a parking permit.

Need Parking Near Monash University?

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