Your Unused Garage Can Make You

You could be a family with an empty garage or partially-utilized storage cage; You may have just become empty nesters with a vacant driveway or a spare bedroom. In any event, you can easily use your free space to make extra income for the holidays, or to put towards your bills and savings. Creating a long-lasting passive monthly cash flow of $100 to $300 simply by renting out your free space is within your reach.

Rising house prices are pushing people into more compact homes to save money, where at the same time, they may find they’re running out of space for things they don’t need or use on a daily basis.

That’s where YOU and your free space come into play, giving those people the immediate answer with your unused space, using the new revolutionary marketplace that connects hosts (you) with renters (those in need for space) in your neighbourhood, providing a peer-to-peer review system which can be compared to the ride-sharing app Uber and Airbnb. Given the growing residential density in the big cities, it’s no wonder why space is a new tradable commodity in the growing Sharing Economy. While knowing our own neighbors has become a rarity in the modern culture, the social media is actually spurring a better local community interaction. Spacer is now taking advantage of that global platform to help community working better with its assets and needs, thus also allowing space owners making extra cash.

Long-Run “Money for Nothing”

Honestly speaking, we’d all be happy for some extra cash, wouldn’t we? Differently than other money-making enterprises, Spacer offers you an on-going income, simply by renting out your unused space. A less than a decade ago, nobody in Australia would imagine getting extra cash for their vacant driveway, but today, the necessity for more space than people actually have makes it a reality.

Here are some typical monthly rates when working with Spacer:

  • Garage: $200-$350
  • Bedroom/Attic: $150-$250
  • Yard for Caravan/Boat: $150-$250
  • Driveway: $150-$250
  • Storage Cage/Shed: $80-$150
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