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While Sharing Economy is turning into more than just a concept, rapidly becoming more accepted and attracted by both individuals and businesses, brands such as AirBnB, Uber and Spacer are growing to be bywords. That might be your opportunity to take part and save money.

2015 (was the year that the Sharing Economy (also known as Shareconomy or Collaborative Consumption) first burst forth in Australia. New saving opportunities became available for individuals and small businesses. Federal, as well as State governments delivered policies supporting the use of collaborative services – which was only an outcome of our days of change, when:

  • Uber was legalised in ACT and NSW, thus becoming a network even larger than the taxi drivers network.
  • AirBnB grew 100% to more than 50,000 properties in Australia, only to be expected to grow even further in the coming years;
  • Over 50 newly sharing economy start-ups emerged, ranging in multiple areas.

Be part of the change

Global-cultural changes has been creating a shift in individuals’ thinking, where more of them choose experiences over collecting things and Minimalism is taking the place of materialism and accumulating stuff. Consumers are nowadays capable of using less and doing more by exchanging or sharing items (including apartments), giving less importance to owning things and more importance to flexibility. P2P is continuously expanding, where more personalised services, such as local baby/pet-sitting.

Embrace the sharing economy as a business positioning strategy

The future generation of marketplaces is B2P and B2B. In a progressively competitive economy, sharing platforms makes it easier for businesses to invest only in what is needed, allowing them to create stronger return on assets, by better utilization.

Why would small business want to get engaged in the increasing
collaborative consumption at the B2P and B2B levels?

  • To develop or improve the digital presence.
  • To build a captive customer base, lowering direct acquisition costs.
  • To develop a low touch stream of passive income.

Spacer, the promising space sharing platform, with now $1.2 million in funding

The Sydney-based innovative Space & Storage Sharing platform has just reached ____ storage listings since its October 2015 launch. ____ people have registered to find space. Its model, in which commercial landlords, property managers and the average individual own space to be used for creating a stream of extra income, was localised for Australia, following examination and research in other densely-populated places around the globe, such as New York City. Spacer’s initial focus is to work through major metropolitan areas in Australia, expanding from private uses to commercial venues and farmland. Later, the local practical success will be utilized in naturally expanding markets, such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia.

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