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Who is the Storage King – Spacer vs Kennards vs Storage King


Sharing economy businesses build community and wealth for all.  They offer more competitive prices to the consumer a new form of income to the provider.  Travel has been revolutionized by Uber and short term accommodation by AirBnB.  Spacer and its allies may be the future AirBnB for storage: community based solutions to our need for space.

Environmental Impact

Commitment to the environment can be a part of your storage solution. Sharing space means we expand the space that’s available for use without growing the footprint of our cities with new and energy consuming buildings.   


If you are storing something, that means it’s valuable to you.  So, when you store it, it should be insured.  Most professional storage places don’t provide automatic insurance, Spacer does.  Spacer is unique, it offers insurance automatically when you use one of their spaces.  It comes with the service, nothing extra to organize or pay for.  Still it’s important never to put anything particularly valuable in a storage unit.

Listings on Spacer

Interestingly, Spacer is not the only company to list storage spots on spacer.com.au.  Some brick-and-mortar self storage companies have listed their spots on the site as well.  Spacer’s sharing economy allows anybody with extra space to list on their site; and these storage facilities have extra space!  

Distance to nearest facility

Spacer is the only company which is truly able to help all customers find a place to store their things somewhere close to home.  The distance to your storage facility from home is a vital factor in deciding what storage to use.  The closer the storage, the easier it is to drop off and pick up when needed.  The central location of Bondi Junction was used for this simulation.  For Spacer, there are multiple storage locations right at Bondi Junction itself.  However, one can see that the closest Kennards to Bondi is in Moore Park, five and a half km away.  The third company, Storage King seems to be really close.  Even with the name “Storage King Bondi Junction” the facility is at a distance of 1.3 kilometers from the Junction according to Google Maps.  Spacer is the only company whose key feature is to find storage space close to you.  

A Real Quote

The most important part of any financial decision is price.  The price for self storage is variable and it is important to check them before decisions are made. I decided to use a 3x6m space as the baseline.  While determining the prices, I continued to use the closest storage space near Bondi Junction for the three different storage companies.  I started by calling Storage King Bondi, where I was told that the largest available storage spot is a 2X3.   Because the spot was much smaller than I requested, I asked to be transferred to the next closest Storage King in East Gardens, where I was given a quote for $790/month.  A Moore Park Kennards quote came out to $670 a month.  On the Spacer site the author was able to find an available 3X6 spot for $186.40 a month, almost a quarter of the cost of the cheapest alternative.

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