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What are the Top Interior and Exterior Design Trends for 2019?

Any way you look at it, 2019 is going to be a great year to refresh and revamp your home, inside and out. There are a few trends that are really going to inspire you, but this is also going to be the year for creative license. If you want a Boho look, that’s in. If you want to expand on the idea of minimalism, you’ll be in good company. And if you want some sort of crazy mix that works for you, even better.


In other words, 2019 is going to be about all about celebrating what you find interesting, comforting, exciting and, well, homey. And if you’re stumped on how to get started, we’re here to help.


Here are some of this year’s top tips and trends about interior and exterior design, from here in Australia as well as Europe and the US. Whether you’re looking to freshen things up a bit or go all out, this guide will help you figure out how to harness your creativity so that you can make your home look exactly how you want.

A Few Starting Points For A Smart Redesign

The starting point of any redesign process can be a bit intimidating. Where do you start? Where should you look? Here are a few of the very first steps you can take to get started:

First of all, let’s talk clutter

Towards the end of 2018, we were all rushing to get rid of our mess before heading into the New Year. Many of us showed up to secondhand stores with bags and boxes of our old clothes, books and kitchenware.


If you didn’t jump in with the clutter-cleaning phase, no worries. Any time is a good time to take a look at your home and decide if you want to clear anything out. Remember, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to part with your items. There are plenty of storage options so that you can eliminate the clutter in your home without saying goodbye to your things forever. Spacer is a great option because it’s cheap and you can find a storage space near where you live.


This should be the first step of any redesign project because you’ll be able to think about how to incorporate your most well-loved items into your new style. If you loved it enough to hold onto it, you’ll be able to figure out how to make it blend with your new look. This is going to save you money whilst retaining the uniqueness of your home.

Look out for deals

Often, people assume that changing up the look of a house is expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be. As we talked about in the previous tip, you can save a ton of money simply by making use of the items that you already have. Another great way to save money on your redesign is by looking for new items in the right place.


A good place to start is at your local secondhand store. As you’ll see when we get into the top trends for 2019, many of the popular styles today are revamped versions of previous decades. That’s great news, because you’ll be able to find the aesthetic you’re looking for at a much lower cost. It will also give your home a more authentic and unique look if you buy previously owned items.


Secondhand stores are especially good for purchasing indoor and outdoor furniture, rugs, curtains, wall art and kitchenware. With a good round of cleaning, these items will be ready to make your home look and feel wonderful.


Also, here’s an extra tip on scoring secondhand items: ask your friends and family. Your own social network is probably filled with people who have boxes of old vintage items in their garage or storage unit, just waiting to be repurposed and loved. And, because everyone is in the process of clearing out their own clutter, this is the perfect moment. Your friends and family will probably think you’re doing them a favor by saving them a trip to the secondhand store. The key is to not get too caught up in finding a specific item. Just think about your theme and personal style and let your intuition guide you.


Another option is to make low-cost stores your first stop. Companies like Kmart have really gotten good at offering cheap home décor that looks high end. Some key purchases that you’ll want to get at Kmart would be clocks, mirrors, lamps, accent pillows, throw blankets, shower curtains, towels and duvets.

Our last tip for saving money during the redesign is to look online for art. There are plenty of websites, like Society6 and Wall Art Prints, offering low-cost prints that will do wonders to highlight your design theme.

Find the right direction

Once you’ve opened your space up a bit and thought about where you might shop for new items, you’ll want to find the right direction for your renovation or redecoration. That’s where the 2019 design trends come in. We’re lucky enough to have quite a few different popular styles this year, so all you have to do is match the right one with your personal taste. Here are some of the big ones:

  • All-Out Boho – this has been on the rise for the last year or so, and there are going to be some fun twists and turns in 2019.

  • Reimagined 70’s – don’t worry, shag carpet isn’t making a comeback. But there are a few gorgeous details from this era that are being revamped.

  • Natural Utopia – if you have a lot of plants already, or just love a good natural look, this is going to be a great option for you. Natural materials with a few industrial touches are going to highlight this 2019 trend.

Remember, this year is all about what excites and engages you, so feel free to adapt a few tips from each of prominent styles. It’s also helpful to consider the style that you currently have, and think about how you might transition it into a new look without having to splurge on all new items.


We’re excited to share the details of these top three design trends, so why don’t we take some time to dive deeper into each one!

The All-Out Boho Style


This style embodies a laid-back, artistic vibe that will make you want to curl up on a comfy sofa with a good book and your dog (or cat, or rabbit and other animals you may have). What’s great about this option is that it will utilise a lot of the pieces of furniture and art that you already own. But by introducing a few new layers of texture and comfort, you’ll be able to easily achieve a more Bohemian look.

The colour palette

A Boho-inspired colour palette is pretty broad, and there are a couple of different ways to go about choosing a colour theme. On the one hand, you can go for the traditional bohemian style that features muted natural colours like brick red, burnt orange, and shades of brown and beige. Faded colours will give the room a vintage, worn-in look that will invite your guests to come in and get comfortable.


Or, you can turn up the volume on colour by taking inspiration from bold patterns like serape blankets or bright floral designs. This might not be the most traditional take on Boho but it will still capture the look that you’re after. So don’t be afraid to experiment with different colour palettes.


Whichever option you choose, we would recommend that you use white or off-white for the walls. This will allow your wall art to pop, and keep the focus on some of your big statement pieces.

The big statements

If you’re looking to radically change the look of your space, a good place to start is with a new area rug. Don’t worry about having to purchase something new – the old, faded look is exactly what Boho is all about. Feel free to choose whichever rug catches your eye, or go with the traditional patterns featuring reds and dark blues.

And while it may seem a bit odd at first, you might also choose to layer your rugs for even more of a Boho look. Make sure the base rug is relatively thin and neutral, and then add a rug with more texture and complex design on top.


Another big statement in any space is the furniture. The Boho look is all about natural woods and wicker furniture. Even replacing a modern-looking side table with a solid wood stool can do wonders to align the room with your theme. Or, if you’re in the market for a new sofa or reading chair, make sure to pick something that is almost ridiculously comfortable and inviting. The more a piece of furniture looks like the perfect place to sit down with a large group of friends and talk about books over fresh-brewed tea, the more bohemian the vibe of the room will be.


If you aren’t interested in buying new furniture during your redesign, no worries. Adding Boho-inspired poofs or floor cushions will still give off the vibe of the bohemian.

The smaller details

When you walk into a bohemian-inspired room, what is the first thing you see? Fringe.

No matter how you incorporate fringe, it will be the easiest way to get the Boho look. And as this trend picks up momentum in 2019, you’ll find plenty of ideas on how to highlight it in your Boho home. Maybe it’s a comfy knit throw blanket with tassels. Maybe it’s a macramé door curtain. Maybe it’s a fringed accent pillow. The lesson is basically to follow the fringe.


Speaking of macramé, this art style also makes a great wall piece. You can make your own for an inexpensive fun project, or look around at local markets for an artist-made piece. We recommend you make or choose something small, because you’ll want to fill your wall with multiple pieces. We say this because one of the fun elements of the Boho style is an engaging, even talkative, wall.


Some things that you might find on the wall of a bohemian decorator would be: an eclectic collection of art, postcards, mirrors of various designs and sizes, woven baskets, hanging plants, vintage protest posters, mounted instruments, astrology symbols and any other interesting thing that might look good up on a wall. As you can see, figuring out what to put up on the wall of a Boho-style home is personal and limitless. Have fun with it!

The lighting

Lighting is an important aspect of any design project. For an All-Out Boho theme, you’ll want lights that are soft and calming. Hanging market lights are great, as well as wicker-covered light fixtures.


You can also achieve a nice effect through vintage table lamps and candles.

Window coverings

Boho window coverings come in a few different styles, but they all ensure plenty of natural light. One option is to incorporate more macramé over the windows. If you’re a bit over the macramé, you might choose a nice beaded option. If you use rough glass beads, you’ll get a beautiful effect when the light comes shining through.


In line with this type of covering is a fun braided or knotted fabric curtain. The idea here is simple. Just take strips of fabric of all different colours and textures and knot them loosely together until they are long enough to cover the window. If you can, try to utilise light fabrics so that the curtains aren’t too heavy or sun-shielding.


Another popular option, one that is perhaps a bit more sophisticated and modern, would be sheer window curtains. Especially when bordered by white string lights, this is a gorgeous, soft look.

Outdoor spaces

The Boho style lends itself perfectly to any outdoor space. You’ll definitely want plenty of seating options, extra blankets and rugs, and lots of candles or lanterns to give your balcony or backyard that communal bohemian feel.

Reimagined 70s


This is a trend that makes a lot of people worried about some of the not-so-amazing components of 70s design, but this 2019 has a whole new take on the style. Once you see some of the elements of this reimagined 70s look, you’ll be on board with the rest of us.

The colour palette

The first colours you might imagine when you think of this era is orange, juxtaposed with brown and yellow. Maybe you see the green glass light fixtures or the brown tile countertops. What 2019 is offering is a much more subtle and pleasing colour palette. The most sought-out colours this year are going to be deep forest greens, dark teals, or, if you want a lighter look, creamy whites, blush pink, and natural earth tones. We’re talking richer colours than the flat 70s originals. How you use colour is also going to differ from the era, as well. You want these colours to cover the walls so that they really set a tranquil tone in the room. Then, you’ll introduce bold pieces such as your furniture and wall pieces to counter those deep colours.


You might play with the idea of covering one wall with a similar wallpaper to add some complexity. The most popular wallpapers this year are going to be floral, especially patterns that are larger-than-life. The designs should be captivating.


One last tip on the revamped 70s style – consider reintroducing wood paneling. Okay, we know, there were some really terrible wood paneling trends back in the day, but now that it’s 2019, we can develop it into something actually stylish. If you choose this look, make sure to invest in medium- to dark- vertical slats that are not too thick. Otherwise, you’ll get a cabin-in-the-woods feel that you absolutely don’t want.

Big statement pieces

Unlike in the Boho theme, rugs are not going to be your main statement pieces. In fact, if you’re lucky enough to have a wood floor, you don’t actually need a rug at all. Or, if you’d like to have one, choose something that is relatively neutral. Go for a solid colour or a rug with a subtle geometric design. And hey, if you really miss the shag carpet, then by all means, go for it with a shag rug.


The next step is furniture. If you really want to achieve the 70s aesthetic, you’re going to want your furniture to be bold. Velvet sofas are in style this year, as are the 70s lounge chairs. You can even go for some funky curves or unique shapes to recreate the Avant Garde feel of the era. In terms of coffee and side tables, we’re all trying to steer clear of the traditional plastic-heavy aesthetic in favor of more sophisticated look. A good option would be glass-topped pieces with a metallic frame and legs.

The smaller details

Art from the 70s was rebelliously fun. And, if you love abstract art, it’s going to be a joy to find great pieces to decorate the walls. If, on the other hand, you think you’re not good at differentiating good abstract art from bad, give yourself a break. Try to gravitate towards the pieces that make you feel happy and calm. After all, you’re going to see them every day. And, if possible, choose art that features one of your main colours.


Another key design feature of the 70s was the use of large circular wall pieces. Large clocks and mirrors with rays, petals or spikes were very popular, and their slightly subdued descendants are going to be everywhere this year. It’s a good idea to choose something with the same metallic finish as the other furniture.


Finally, a small design tip that you can utilise for your reimagined 70s theme is the use of large ferns or palms. Dark green plants will work well with some of the deep shades you’ve picked out for the walls, and the plants will give the room a more modern touch.

The lighting

Lighting in the 70s heavily featured hanging globes or lanterns. Side tables had chunky bases, usually in a solid colour, and perfectly cylindrical beige or white shades. It made for a bit of a clunky mix, even when you don’t factor in the lava lamps.


We’ve come a long way since that look, so that you can have the vibe of the 70s lighting without confusing your eyes. One easy way to upgrade the style is to use clear glass or metallic globes for hanging lights instead of the white plastic ones. Or, if you think it would work in you space, you can find a revamped version of the old wicker light fixtures, instead.


Floor and table lamps in the new style aren’t going to take up so much of the focus. They’ll feel more complementary to the room by trading in the bulkiness for more smooth and slim designs.

Window coverings

There might be a tendency here to choose patterned curtains, but we suggest you stick to solid colours. Remember, the real focal points of the room will be the furniture and artistic elements, and you don’t want the curtains taking away any attention.

Outdoor spaces

When you take your design to your outdoor spaces, it’s a good idea to go full nostalgia in your design. Look for wicker chairs or a vinyl sofa in orange or green or even floral print. Find a few big bulky candles in amber glass holders, or some fun vintage lanterns. You might lay down a shag carpet rug or get a couple of shag carpet poufs.


If you have space to hang a few things on the outside wall, you might decorate with old records, memorabilia or other 70s inspired art.


The idea for your outdoor space is that it’s fun and perfectly 70s so that you can recreate the social and laid-back aspect of the era.

Natural Utopia


We have a feeling this is going to be the most popular trend of 2019. After all, it’s welcoming to different tastes, it’s good for your health and wellbeing, and it’s very easy to pull off as a design transformation. You’ll love watching your guests walk through your front door and into a lush, green paradise.


And if you don’t feel like you’re the kind of person who can keep plants alive in order to pull this off, don’t stress. We’ll talk about how to make this design trend work in your home.

First, the colour palette

It might seem like you could slap on any paint colour and be fine, but we’re actually looking for something that is going to compliment the natural look. If you paint a room bright orange or turquoise or lime green, the space will become overwhelming and your eyes won’t know what to focus on.


Instead, you’re going to want to go in one of two directions. In the first option, you’ll utilise very light colour, like white, off-white, peach, blushing pink or beige. This is also a good option if your walls are currently a light gray because of the trends of the last few years. If you want to keep the walls but add something new, you might opt to cover one wall with wallpaper to mix it up. Particularly popular this year will be Victorian Era floral wallpapers.


The other option for your colour palette would be to go with something a bit more sultry. You can go with a deep, rich navy blue or a dark green with blue hues. The blue in the paint is necessary to highlight the plants without camouflaging them.


If you can’t decide which colour palette to use, it might help to think in terms of the natural light in the room. As we’ll talk about in the next section, rooms that are very sunny are going to be home to a wider variety of plants that will look great in front of a light wall colour. Rooms that are naturally darker are going to be filled with dark-leaved plants that will look really lovely in front of a navy or dark green wall.

Big statement pieces

The statement pieces in your Natural Utopia theme are not going to be pieces of furniture, but rather the stars of your show – your plants. You can keep the room minimalist by showcasing two or three large specimens, like a monstera deliciosa of a fiddle leaf fig, or you can go all out with a variety of different smaller plants.


What kind of plants you get is going to depend a lot on the lighting in your room. If you have a nice sunny space, you have more of a range. For those of you who don’t consider yourself to have the talent for keeping plants alive, you might start with a few of the hardy ones – spider plants, money trees, pothos, rubber plants and dark succulents. Just make sure to do some research into how much water they need so that you don’t inadvertently overwater.


If, on the other hand, you’re something of an advanced plant owner, you might also incorporate some of the more difficult, but gorgeous options – orchids, ferns, crotons, miniature roses, gardenias or azaleas.


If you are working with a space that gets very little light, you’ll want to introduce low-light hardy plants. In general, these are plants have dark, sometimes rubbery or glossy leaves. Some that you might start out with are parlor palms, dumb cane, purple heart, snake plants, peace lilies, philodendron and cast iron plants. All of these options will look amazing and will be pretty easy to take care of.


You might also consider getting a plant light if you don’t want to limit yourself to low-light plants. Make sure you purchase a full spectrum bulb to most accurately mimic the kind of light that your plants would receive from the sun. Generally, these types of lamps require close proximity to the plant, so you might need to be creative about integrating them into your interior design without making the room look cluttered.

Now, let’s talk about furniture

You have a lot of freedom with the kind of furniture that you place in a Natural Utopia theme. A great option is to go with what is most comfortable. If you have a comfy couch or reading chair in a room with a ton of plants, whoever enters is going to be tempted to take a seat and stay a while.


If you are going for a light wall colour, the furniture that you choose can go in a bold direction. Maybe you choose a dark blue or green sofa with complementary accent pillows in burnt orange or soft pink, respectively. If you went with a darker wall colour, you might lighten up your furniture options for a good contrast.


For tables, shelves and bookcases, you’ll definitely want to try to strike a balance between metallic pieces and natural woods. It’s not as jarring as you might be thinking now. A side table with metallic legs and a medium-colour wood surface is just the right amount of modern and natural to carry the overall theme. What you get is a room that looks thoughtful and sophisticated instead of simply filled with plants.


In terms of floor coverings, go with neutral rugs. You can’t go wrong with white, off white, light gray, beige, or if you want some colour, a faded Boho style rug. This is going to ensure that the plants are the real stars of the room.

The smaller details

In general, you can think of the plants as the majority of your decor. Everything else in the room should be secondary to those gorgeous greens. You can add more complexity to the room by placing plants on different levels. Some can be hanging, others can line a windowsill and you might have a bookshelf with a few plants as well.


There’s a lot of creativity in finding the right pots too. Pair different textures, like terra cotta and metallic pots, for an interesting contrast. While the plants will be the focus of the room, you can add a few simple elements that will look great and add a bit more character. Wall art that features simple black-and-white graphics, especially line graphics, are going to add beauty to the room without being overbearing. Mirrors, whether they’re vintage or a more modern geometric, will make the room feel even more lush and full. And you might sneak in a few wicker baskets or books here and there to complete the look.


The important thing here, when you’re thinking of adding non-plant elements to the space, is to follow the less-is-more mentality. Plants have so much personality of their own that a room can often look too busy when there are too many extra elements.


Just like with the other decor elements in the room, you’re going to want slim and sleek. Floor lamps and table lamps with thin metallic bases are perfect for this look.


Hanging fixtures with geometric metal casings are subtle enough not to take the focus from the rest of the room, while still adding an element of style. You can also opt for the vintage-inspired bulbs, or hang market lights for soft, beautiful lighting.

Window coverings

Because you want to keep your plants happy and healthy, you’ll want window coverings that are as sheer as possible. In fact, you might place a few plants in front of the window as natural curtains instead of hanging fabric ones.


Whatever you choose, make sure it’s light and airy to give your space a real greenhouse feel.

Outdoor spaces

One of the wonderful parts about the Natural Utopia theme is that you can extend the concept outside in a completely different way. The best plants for an outdoor space, in other words, can be different from the indoor plants so that you create almost a whole new ecosystem to enjoy.

If you live in a hot, humid climate, take advantage by introducing plenty of tropical greens – elephant ears, palms, banana trees, bamboo, bird of paradise plants and even ginger. For more moderate or dry climates, try bougainvillea, fescue, succulents and olive trees. The best way to know what you should introduce to your outdoor space is to talk to a local professional or expert. After all, if you can plant what is native to your area, you’ll be more likely to have a full, healthy garden.


In terms of decor, the popular direction this year is going to be upcycled materials or natural woods. Comfy chairs and couches can be made from wood pallets. Recycled wood shelves can hold even more plants. Scrounge your neighborhood for discarded wood and get creative with your outdoor projects.


You can make the space even cozier with candles, lamps and market lights. If you have the space for a fire pit, that’s even better. You’ll want to spend time in this space all year around.

So, what style trend will you choose in 2019?

We’ve talked about three distinct and very exciting design trends that will be picking up steam this year. What’s great about what’s happening in 2019, other than finally moving away from the grey-scale shiplap of the last few years of course, is that there’s so much space for creativity.

Whether you’re a free spirit or more of a traditionalist, there’s a direction for your home redesign that will leave you feeling so happy to be home. Before we send you on your very fun journey to find the new look for your home, remember some of these key takeaways:

  • Get prepared by clearing out your unwanted clutter and considering how you can highlight the items that you love.

  • Plan to save. We talked about some simple ways that you can save money during your redesign, so get to your local secondhand store or browse your favorite cheap home decor sites for the best deals.

  • Allow the colour palette to reflect the vibe that you want for the room. This year is a welcome departure from the grays of previous trends, and there’s a chance to play with colour in a new way. Regardless of the theme you want, you can either make your space light and airy with the softer colours or sultry and inviting with the navy blues and dark greens.

  • Think about the big statements that you want your space to make. What is the element in the room that gives away the theme right off the bat? For the All-Out Boho style, it’s an amazing floor rug. For the Revamped 70s theme, it’s the funky furniture. And for the Natural Utopia, it’s obviously the plants.

  • Accessorize to make your space unique. Each of the themes will invite you to accessorize with different elements – whether it’s the fringe of Boho, the abstract art of the 70s, or your chosen planters for your indoor utopian garden.

  • Find the right lighting and window coverings. These are small details but they make a big difference in the overall ambiance. In 2019, when it comes to light fixtures, we want stylish design, and when it comes to natural light, we want as much as we can get.

  • Have fun with your outdoor spaces. This is going to be an area for your morning coffee, family get togethers, and late-into-the-night discussions with friends. So, no matter what 2019 trend you want to create, make sure that space is comfortable and welcoming for all the wonderful events that will take place there this year.

If you have furniture or items from previous styles that you don’t want to use in your home, but also don’t want to get rid of, Spacer has listings close to your home or wherever you want to store your belongings.


There are so many amazing things in the works this year when it comes to interior and exterior design. If you’re feeling inspired, it’s time to start brainstorming the ways that you can revamp and reinvent your space!

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