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Sharing Space – the perfect solution for market & fair operators

Sharing Space – the perfect solution for market & fair operators in Australia

We are witnessing a seismic shift in acceptance of the so-called sharing economy as brands such as Uber, Airbnb and Spacer become household names. This article examines the rise of sharing marketplaces, and how you and your small business can save money as a participant in this sector.

2015 was the year that the sharing economy truly arrived in Australia. For small business owners shared resources has created the rise of “micro-entrepreneurs” and savings opportunities previously unheard of. In the past year:

  • Uber was legalised in both the ACT & NSW and now has more drivers in Sydney than there are taxi drivers;
  • AirBnB grew 100% to over 50,000 properties across Australia, and is expected to grow to 100,000 in 2016; and
  • Over 50 new start-ups were created in the sharing economy, ranging across such diverse segments as valuable art marketplaces to dog sitting services.


Running a small business is hard and every dollar counts. When most of your sales come seasonally around trade fair and market time, managing irregular cash flow and ordering, storing and selling the right amount of stock to meet demand is a challenge all stall operators experience. We have highlighted a few opportunities you can save or make money using the sharing economy in your business:

  • Managing Inventory in peak periods – A better storage solution (Spacer Marketplaces Spacer provides a marketplace where you can find affordable and convenient local storage space for inventory or business items. With no lock-in contracts, renters find flexible accessible storage at 50% the cost of traditional providers to suit peak and trough sales cycles.
  • Find an Office or Desk short term: If you run a small business and need a mobile desk or office solution for a day, there are a number of very short term rental options available on websites such as Creative Spaces ( or DesksNearMe ( which can provide short term working space solutions.
  • Sell your product globally: The beauty of online marketplaces is that it provides an international channel for you to market and promote your product. Sell arts and crafts at or even your designs at


About Spacer

Spacer Marketplaces ( is a peer to peer marketplace for space. At the platform, renters can find available self-storage space to rent from local hosts both short term and long term. Launched in July 2015 in Sydney, the business has grown to over 1000 available sites today across all metropolitan cities, servicing and disrupting the $1bn self-storage industry.

Find local storage facilities at 50% the cost of traditional storage units perfect for:

  • Extra Stock
  • Personal items and boxes
  • Business documents
  • Work tools

No lock in contracts, just convenient local space sharing.

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