Sarah saves over 50% on her weekly parking costs.

Australian drivers will spend over 3,000 hours in their lifetime looking for parking. The problem really is that bad. Parkhound allows you to spend more time living and less time driving. Besides saving time, it’s also so much cheaper. By using Parkhound you help reduce the pricing monopoly enjoyed by airports, councils and large car park firms. Enough is really enough.


Count your savings

Parkhound parking spaces are typically 40-60% cheaper than normal parking options. So you can start counting all that extra money you’ll be saving. Quick tip – don’t spend it all at once!

Extension time

Once you have started a booking, you can also then extend it. If the parking space has a bond, you won’t need to pay it again, it will just roll over to your extension. It’s a simple way to secure your long-term parking needs.


Cancellation policy

In the event you want to cancel a long-term booking, you just need to provide 1 months notice to Parkhound and the seller. It’s a key benefit of being a Parkhound member.