Sarah receives the final booking confirmation and is all set to go.

Booking with Parkhound is so straightforward you’ll be wondering why anyone parked their car another way. Once your booking is confirmed we’ll notify you and also exchange your contact details with the landlord. You can then arrange a handover with the landlord. We want to take the stress out of parking, so if you need help with anything just let us know. 


Access management

When a booking is confirmed we exchange your contact details. You can then arrange to meet up and exchange the access device with the seller.

Smooth handover

We recommend that all sellers conduct a handover with you at the start of your booking. First impressions count and we want you to feel comfortable with your new cement and lines.


Get directions!

Once a booking is confirmed, you can even view directions on how to get to the parking space. Just login to your dashboard to find out which route is the best for you.