Sarah looks for parking at the train station every morning.

Australia has some of the most expensive and hard to find parking in the world. At Parkhound we want to make parking more available and affordable to all drivers. We want to make finding a parking space a choice, not good luck. This is why we have built Australia’s Number 1 Online car parking marketplace. So don’t waste your time trying to find a parking space when you arrive, book in advance, save money and save time.


It’s free to join

It’s absolutely free to sign up to Parkhound – the only thing you’ll pay for is the parking itself. So create an account now and start searching away.

Thousands to choose from…

Parkhound has thousands of cheap parking spaces to choose from. You can find parking anywhere across Australia. We’ll even notify you if a new parking space becomes available in your area.


Get out the microscope

We do our best to ensure that the description, availability and location of the parking space are accurate. We do spot monitoring to ensure the accuracy of all the information placed on the marketplace.