Sarah grows tired of the expensive parking and looks at her options.

Parkhound parking spaces are generally 40-60% cheaper than standard inner-city parking options. Multiply that over the course of a year and you can save hundreds of dollars from using our service. Besides being cheaper, you can drive to your destination safe in the knowledge that you have a parking space ready for you when you arrive.


Get very specific…

Each parking space is unique – like a paw print. Some parking spaces will be available 24/7 and some will be available on a weekday only. You can book for a specific date and length of time that suits your needs.

Flexible payment plans

You can pay for your booking up front, or for long-term bookings, you can pay every month on an on-going basis. We debit the money automatically from your account so you don’t have to remember when to pay.


Ask a question

If you have any queries about the parking space you are interested in, you can privately contact the Owner to find out more. So fire away if you need to know anything.