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Park n’ Fly vs Airport Express vs Spacer – How to Save On Long-term Airport Parking in Sydney

You’ve been working hard for the whole year and have been looking forward to a long holiday vacation to unwind and spend quality time with family and friends. You have everything ready – luggage, money & passports. All that is left is the drive to the airport. But what do you do with your car when you get there?

Obviously, the airport’s own garages are the closest and most convenient parking option. However, airport-owned parking, particularly for long-term stays, can become very expensive. Even with Sydney Airport’s budget open air and shaded parking offerings called Blu Emu, parking fees are still a little too pricey. But if you’re travelling with the whole family, especially with kids, driving to the airport is still the easiest and most convenient way. Fortunately, there are alternatives where you can entrust your car while away on a vacation at a relatively low cost. We’ve compared the best airport parking companies to help you find the best possible space for your ride.

Before comparing airport parking players, below are some of the terminology that you need to know.

There are five common airport parking options:

  • Airport parking (branded) – parking spaces available within the airport and are owned by the airport itself. When reserving/book a flight, airports sometime offer parking as an add on. Otherwise, travellers may reserve a spot through the airport’s website.

  • On-airport parking – parking spaces located next to, or in walking distance from, the airport terminals.

  • Off-airport parking – parking spaces located further away from the airport complex (you may have to catch a shuttle bus to the terminal).

  • Airport hotel parking – airport hotels usually include free airport parking in their amenities upon reservation.

  • Shared parking spaces – rentable privately owned or commercial parking in close proximity to the airport.

There are two types of airport parking duration:

  • Short term parking  – parking your vehicle at an airport parking lot for less than 7 days. It is usually a little more expensive as it charges per day. The parking rates are decided on per hour basis or per day basis in case the duration is more than 24 hours.

  • Long term parking –  parking type for those traveling out of the city or country for more than 7 days and need to park their car for a longer period of time. It is generally considered much cheaper and cost effective.

In summary, the closer the parking space is to the airport (on-airport) and the shorter your parking duration (less than a week), the higher the price. If you’re willing to travel a bit farther from your car to the terminal, you can often save more money by parking at an off-airport lot and then save even more by renting a parking space for a longer period of time (long-term). Valet parking, or having someone pick your car up and park it on your behalf is faster and more convenient, it is also entails a higher cost. With self parking, you park your car in the facility yourself. This is a cheaper option that allows you to keep your eyes on your keys.

Park & Fly offers two types of secure parking arrangements: Undercover valet parking and outdoor self parking. They have 10 shuttle services that will drop you off and/or pick you up right at the terminal door. Their parking facility is fully gated equipped with 24 hour video surveillance and security patrols. Onsite hand car wash and polish service available on request.

Airport Express Car Parking

Airport Express Car Parking is a valet parking service that provides short term, long term and business parking. Their parking facility is fully protected by 24-hour surveillance cameras and infrared alarms. All parking spaces are located outdoors. The shuttle service that will pick you up and drop you off is also free to all customers. Optional car care services are also available.


Spacer is Australia’s premier peer to peer parking marketplace that is secure, convenient and affordable. Renters can choose from a range of undercover parking spaces, gated open-air spots and lock up garages, offering the same long-term parking services of airport-owned parking lots at a far cheaper price. There are no minimum term rental contracts, giving you flexibility to suit your personal requirements. Just like leaving your car in the convenience and security of your own garage.

With your parking space in place, you can definitely enjoy your long awaited holiday getaway with your family and friends without worries. Have a wonderful holiday!



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