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Join us in Celebrating the Year of the Dog!

It’s 2018 and we celebrate the Year of the Dog on Chinese New Year. On February 16, people from all walks of life will come together in order to welcome the New Year, sharing meals together in celebration. Lion and dragon dances play throughout the day and red bags are given out to the younger generations as a token of good luck and fortune for the year ahead. Most of these fabulous do-not-miss events will be happening in the CBDs all around Australia so you’ll have to get in early to get parking for the day. If you’re worried about finding parking, fortune may smile upon you in the form of Parkhound.

The Sydney CBD is a bustling district of activity on Chinese New Year, with many markets and events that carry on for weeks. Enjoy the Dragon Boat Races in Darling Harbour, as 22 rowers in 12 metre long boats battle it out to the rhythm of the drum beat. Each boat is decorated with a dragon head and tail, with scales along the sides in a colourful display of ferocity and grace. Feast on the regional Chinese foods at the Chinatown night markets, and buy paw-waving cats for good luck as well as cute little trinkets for phones.

Another market you can check out is the Carriageworks Night Market, which brings together some of the best food and wine makers. Native ingredients such as saltbush and karkalla are available to people who enjoy foods of all regions. You can also head down to Circular Quay and enjoy the huge animal lantern displays of the 12 zodiac animals. Designed by an Asian-Australian artist, these displays reach up to 10 metres in height and are best viewed at night, when they light up from within.

The city isn’t the only place that has events on that celebrate Chinese New Year. Parramatta has its own displays that bring us into the Year of the Dog. With cultural performances from China, South Korea and Vietnam, and workshops teaching the entire family calligraphy, lantern-making and cooking, there is something for everyone. If you live out West, you can explore Blacktown City Lunar New Year celebrations which include fireworks displays, live entertainment, jumping castles for children, traditional blessing ceremonies and lion dances that snake through the crowd warding off evil spirits and spreading good luck.

The Year of the Dog is bringing great opportunities to the Australian community. Recently, Spacer acquired Parkhound, the leading parking solution in the sharing economy, taking the industry to new heights. Whilst Spacer caters for both long-term storage and parking, Parkhound offers short-term solutions. The zodiac Dog is known to embody the best qualities of human nature, namely honesty and loyalty. The Parkhound logo, as a hound, incorporates these qualities into the service it provides for Australians. Like Spacer, Parkhound offers insurance protection in the case of an accident or damage to your vehicle. A very friendly service, Parkhound allows Renters and host to chat and hash out any details that might be included in the purchase. So start your New Year with your best paw and prosper with the luck and good fortune of the Dog.

So if you find yourself losing sleep over where to park at this popular event, try to find a spare garage or driveway to rent for the day. Whether it be in the heart of the city or nearby the local station, enjoy Chinese New Year with the knowledge that there is an affordable parking spot waiting for you.

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