John earns some extra cash that he uses to buy a new couch.

We don’t need more parking spaces, we just need to better utilise the parking spaces we already have. By listing your parking space on Parkhound you get to make some money, whilst helping a driver save money and time. It’s a classic win – win.


Automated payments

Payments are sent directly to your nominated bank account. The first payment is sent on the day after a booking commences. Payments are then sent every month until the end of a booking.

Bond, James Bond

The bond is held by Parkhound to ensure a smooth process between Buyer and Seller. The bond is refunded as soon as you confirm the access device is returned and is in your possession.


Cancellation policy

We guarantee you that in the event of a cancelled booking; you will still receive 1 months’ worth of payment (or the remainder of the booking if the remaining duration is less than 1 month).