John arranges for a time for Sarah to come and collect the remote.

As the landlord for the parking space, we recommend you arrange a handover with the driver to show them the parking space and make them feel welcome. It’s important you provide a positive experience as this will lead to great ratings and more bookings. It’s also important you respond to any questions or queries as soon as possible to avoid any confusion.


The time has come!

We’ll send you a reminder when the booking is about to start. We’ll also send you your first payment a day after the booking starts. You can then start spending the money any way you like!

Make new friends

When a booking is confirmed we’ll exchange your contact details so that you can then meet up with the Buyer and handover the access device.


Calendar management

Once a booking is agreed, we’ll automatically block out these times in your calendar. You can then start taking your next booking. We also send through any waiting list requests from interested buyers ready to go.