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Before you know it, summer will be here in full force, and it’s time to hit the drawing board with your balcony ideas. We’ve been looking for the best balcony garden looks and inviting balcony furniture, plus all the other trendy balcony ideas that are going to make this summer one to remember.

If you’re looking to open up your outdoor space, host functions in your backyard, or simply create a cozy balcony garden getaway for you and the family, you have to check out these fun balcony ideas.

Outdoor makeover tip #1: Clean up and clear out

We get it. During the winter months, the backyard space becomes a great storage area. You might have a lawn mower back there that you can’t fit in your backyard shed. Or maybe you moved some items to the back patio while you did your spring cleaning and they never made it back inside.

Now that summer is just around the corner, it’s time to clear out any clutter from your outdoor space. You might even let go of some of the features you’ve had for a while – think old balcony furniture, water features, garden decorations – to restyle your outdoor area from a blank slate.

If you’re not ready to let go of those extra items, you can always store them with Spacer and bring them back out next summer.  

Outdoor makeover tip #2: Highlight the beauty around you

If you live in a gorgeous beachside neighbourhood in Sydney, like Manly and Bondi, well first of all, can we please come to your next function? Sorry, what we were going to say was if you’re lucky enough to have a view, you should design your outdoor space around it.

Think of that beautiful horizon as your focal point. You can angle your balcony furniture towards it for many evenings of marveling at the ocean with wine glass in hand. Try to keep all hedges and trees nicely trimmed to frame the view. You might even consider placing a design element like a trellis or a garden arch off to the side for the perfect selfie spot. 

If you don’t have a spectacular view, no worries. Integrate plants, vines, trees, flowers, and other natural beauties to wow your guests. They’ll won’t mind that you don’t have an ocean view. 

Outdoor makeover tip #3: Build storage into your outdoor space

If you’re planning on hosting outdoor functions or simply spending as much time outside as possible, outdoor storage will be a great help. Otherwise, you’re going to be running in and out of the house for things like plates, hats, and outdoor games instead of kicking up your feet and relaxing. 

Outdoor cabinets or benches with storage built in are great ways to make the most out of your balcony garden space. Here are a couple of things you might consider placing in your outdoor storage:

Outdoor makeover tip #4: Organise with technology in mind


Whether it’s a music hook-up or a charging station for small electronics, you’re going to want technology to be accessible. One way to do this is to run an extension cord from your outdoor electrical plugs to your seating areas. You can hide the cords, and you and your guests will appreciate being able to plug in their phones or listen to music.

You might also organise your outdoor space within your WiFi zone. After all, it’s pretty luxurious to sit outside with a cup of coffee and your favourite podcasts, but not if the connection is bad.

And hey, you could also design your balcony in the opposite direction, here. Maybe you want your outdoor space to be a no-tech zone, and that’s great! Encourage your guests and your family to leave the electronics at the sliding glass door and enter into your backyard of tech-less nature.

Outdoor makeover tip #5: Don’t replace comfort with style

Sure, we’re all drawn to the balcony ideas that would put our backyard space into the running for a magazine spread. But if you spend all of your time thinking about style, you might forget about what’s really important: making your balcony garden a place where people want to be.

The best way to make your balcony ready for more use is to find a balance between comfort and style. Find cozy balcony furniture. Add some soft lighting. Anything that makes you want to curl up and relax this summer.

We want to see how you’re organising your outdoor spaces!

As the temperatures rise, we see you all out there organising your backyards, dusting off the balcony furniture, and getting your space Instagram ready! Let us know your best balcony ideas for an amazing summer 2019.