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Destress At the Office

Getting back into work life rhythm can be tough, no matter how much you love what you do. Every so often, the deadlines mount up and the stress starts to build. Recent studies have proven the correlation between positive mental health and productivity. We’ve put together some suggestions to help decrease the tension levels and make sure your office life is as smooth as it can be.  

1. Personalise your Workspace

This may seem like a simple change but it will definitely help you feel more at home within your workplace. If you have your own office, cubicle or desk, bring some of your favourite things in so it doesn’t feel so formal. A fun pencil holder, a small sculpture, some family photos. You could even try an office plant. Real or fake, they can bring a bit of colour and make your area more approachable.

2. Playing Music

It’s a well known fact that music can relieve stress and actually increase productivity. If your office is smaller in size, putting together a playlist of songs that you and your coworkers all enjoy can be a fun exercise in itself. Sometimes though, you might want to listen to your own tunes, so don’t hesitate to bring earphones or headphones.

3. Office Massages

It might seem a little unorthodox at first, but massages can help relieve stress and restore that Zen feeling both to yourself and to your office space. Not talking or thinking about work for just 5 minutes can help you refocus for the rest of the day. Beyond that, as a team building activity, it can help everyone socialise outside of a work situation. Our recommended massage company is Blys. They’re a local mobile on-demand massage service that visit offices, hotels and homes across Australia. All therapists are vetted and they bring the necessary equipment, providing a fully relaxing experience.

4. Reducing Clutter in your Space

Paper piles can slowly but surely eat away at your desk space. Tackle this situation immediately by filing them away into appropriately labelled folders. If you don’t have a filing cabinet, you can always purchase a file rack or desk organiser, keeping all your papers within arms reach. This applies to your online desk as well. Find a set time to regularly answer or archive your emails. Keeping a clean and clear inbox helps clear your slate and refocus. If you find that you have a lot of things but not enough space to keep it all in, you can always rent out a storage space with Spacer. You can rent for however long you need to and you get to choose the place so if it’s easier for you to have it close to home, you can find one in or around your neighbourhood.

5. Parking

If you work in a busy part of the city, parking can be a little bit of an issue. Searching for a space is a stressful way to kick off your work day. There are plenty of convenient and cheap spaces available on Parkhound. At Parkhound, you will always have a guaranteed reserved car park.

6. Exercising at the Office

Exercising at work doesn’t necessarily mean going to the gym during lunch. It can be something simple like buying yourself a stand up desk or replacing your chair with an exercise ball. For more robust, physical activity, you can get your whole office space involved either by doing weekly office yoga or a running club. This will keep your team close as well as making you a more productive unit. Exercise releases endorphins, which help you relax and keep you positive for the rest of your day.

7. Aromatherapy

People are surprised by how much of a difference aromatherapy can make to the general atmosphere. It’s all about your sense of smell and how the scents work to relax and change your emotions. Certain scents such as lavender, bergamot and ylang ylang work really well in relieving stress, so you can burn incense sticks, have a stick-scent diffuser or even an essential oil diffuser so that your office space and the entire workplace can enjoy the relaxation and tension-releasing that comes with it. Just be mindful that it’s not for everyone. Be sure to check with your coworkers and supervisors just to make sure that none of the scents are offensive to more sensitive noses.

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