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Christmas Countdown #1: How to Dress up for Christmas Parties

With the coming of holidays is the arrival of Christmas parties to attend. There are so many different things that you can dress up as, since themed parties tend to be quite popular around this time of year. So here are some of the creatures and things that you can dress up as when you’re invited to an event such as this.

Little Black Dress (LBD)

It’s one of the most classic outfits that you can choose from. If you have a cocktail party that requires a smart-casual dress code, you can never go wrong with an LBD. It will bring you a simple yet elegant look that pairs well with any other colours that you might like to wear. Accessorise with red and green colours if you’re feeling extremely festive, otherwise any combination of jewellery is good for this outfit.

A Pop of Colour

Who doesn’t like a little pop of colour to draw the eye? You can steal the show with an eye catching dress, pants or top that’s paired with another classic colour so that they balance each other out and don’t clash. On the other hand, you can pair bold with bold, wear a boldly coloured dress, or pants and top combination and top it off with a bright jacket. Sometimes these colours just go well together so don’t be afraid to experiment and catch the eyes of everyone within your vicinity.

Black Tie

This is kind of like the male version of the LBD. Black ties will always be in since they pair well with any shirt colour, even black. Pair this with a bright shirt or a dark shirt and dress it up a bit with a snazzy jacket, whether it be a suit jacket or something a little more casual. If you want to jazz your outfit up a little bit more, you can always substitute the black tie for a black bowtie instead.

Smart Casual

A lot of parties will have either a dress code or an implied dress code. Depending on how well you know the host of the party, this implied meaning could be smart casual. A summer dress or nice top paired together with jeans or capris could be a good combination that fits in well with any situation. For men, slacks and a clean shirt works well with the code. Pair it up with a jacket, whether it be a suit jacket or denim depending on how casual the event is.


If the party you’re attending is more festive or even has a Christmas-ey theme to it, there’s no reason that you can’t go all out with your outfits. Go as an elf, a reindeer or even the man himself, Santa Claus. If you don’t have anything that festive but still want to get into the Christmas spirit, you can always wear the Christmas colours in the form of a green shirt or dress, red or even burgundy coloured pants if bright red isn’t going to go with the rest of your outfit.

Themed Parties

These might be similar to festive parties, however some will have a particular theme in mind. One party might be Santa-themed, so everyone in attendance will be dressed in a variety of different Santas. It could be a Santa’s Little Helper-themed event, where you have to pick from elves, gnomes, reindeer or even dwarves. These parties can be ridiculously fun, with everyone not taking themselves too seriously and getting really creative with how they made their costumes.


Occasionally the party you’re going to is one where everything is over the top. Chandeliers, glitter everywhere and lights that illuminate everything it lays its beams on. Going to parties like these requires a full blown glam look, so don’t be afraid to break out that one outfit in your closet that has been saved for the right occasion and have the time of your life. It might have sequins, your dress shirt may be the most expensive and stylish thing you own, but you know for certain that it’s the best choice for a party such as this.


Parties at Christmastime can get a little rowdy but they are a lot of fun to get involved in. You might even decide to keep any themed costumes for next year’s festivities, so if you need some extra storage, Spacer will be able to help you with finding a suitable space. You can find a listing within your local area if you would like your space to be within your area. Message your host and organise any specific requirements that you may have for your belongings. Have fun this Christmas and get into the holiday festivities and celebrations!

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