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Car Roof Storage Pod Guide

If you love the great outdoors, you’ll be familiar with the trials and tribulations of packing gear.  It’s a similar issue for those with big family and like to travel frequently, spend weekends on camping trips, or engage in other recreational activities as a group. Your car boot may not have adequate space for all the things you need to bring along. Whilst you may have a roof rack, it may not be enough to securely hold all your items.

Fortunately, you can expand or increase your car’s cargo space with a car roof pod, which is sometimes called a luggage or cargo box.  A roof pod is very useful, especially if you like going on adventures in the outback. 


Advantages of Having a Car Roof Pod

Extra Space

Having a roof box is like having a second trunk. You can load in just about anything, including sporting gears and equipment such as your skis and golf kits, as well as your kids’ bike and hockey sets. It can give you as much as 300 to 600 litres of extra space. With a roof box, you don’t have to dump or pile your things on the backseat if your boot is already full, only to find everything scattered on the floor, on the seats, or on somebody’s lap.

Cost Efficiency

A roof pod does not come cheap. Prices range from $599 to $1,999 depending on the model. Even so, it is definitely cheaper than buying a new SUV or a bigger car.  You achieve fuel efficiency and better mileage with a sedan or a smaller car.  With a little investment in a car roof storage pod, you definitely get more value for your money.

Comfort and Safety

In addition to providing extra space on your car’s roof, a pod will free up space both in your car’s boot and the back seat.  It makes your trip comfortable and safe whilst improving the driver’s rear visibility.


Types of Car Roof Pods

Roof racks are classified according to the roof types they fit on.

Rain gutters

Rain gutters used to be the most popular type of roof racks. Today, they are considered more as an alternative choice. They are used most commonly in full-size cargo vehicles and passenger vans. They come with a cross bar system that requires only load bars and gutter foot packs.

Raised rail

This is currently the most common type of car roof storage pod and is usually found on SUVs, minivans, and wagons. Raised rail car roof pods run the length of the vehicle from front to back and are attached to the roof’s edges. They involve a crossbar system. Their installation does not require the use of any type of lifting kit; only load bars and foot packs.

Flush rail

This type of roof rack was first seen in European vehicles and is relatively new. This roof rack is flushed with the roof. There’s no space between the rail and the vehicle’s roof and there’s usually an invisible inner and outer groove, which enables the cross bars to be connected to the system. It is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Half rails

This type of roof rack involves the installation of two rails on both sides of the vehicle to which it runs parallel. It does not involve cross bars, which means their installation requires the use of a roof rack mounting pack.


Guide to Buying a Car Roof Storage Pod

If you are not familiar with car roof storage pods, here are a few tips to help you find the perfect one for your car.

Roof rack tip #1: Buy a car roof storage pod that suits your needs

There are no particular designs that fit specific cars.  You can choose a model which you think is most suitable for your need. It should be the right fit for your roof rack. It must not block your rear hatch. A narrow box may be difficult to reach if you have a taller or wider vehicle.

Regarding its shape, it should conform to the items you intend to pack in it. Overall, the roof box should be compatible with your roof bars.

Roof rack tip #2: Choose a car roof storage pod that opens on both sides

The roof rack’s opening feature should also be considered. Boxes that open on both sides are usually the most practical because of their flexibility and ease of use.

Roof rack tip #3: Choose a car roof pod for the storage of lighter items

For safety reasons, you should stash heavier items in your car’s trunk and reserve the roof box for lighter items. Take note of its maximum weight limit. Do not overload it as this might damage your car.


Installing your Roof Pod

When you buy a roof pod, it would come with an instruction manual.  Take time to read and understand the instructions. Most will be easy to follow. Familiarise yourself with the parts before taking anything out of the box or packaging.  This will make it easier to install or attach the box on your roof bar. If you find it difficult to follow the manual, seek help.  If you persist on doing it by yourself, you might damage your car or injure yourself.


Other Things to Consider

Do not exceed the maximum speed warning on your roof box. As your car’s velocity increases, the aerodynamic drag also increases.  The pressure can get too much and may cause damage to your rack and box and even to your car. For safety reasons, decrease your speed when passing through windy roads, a tunnel, or when turning sharply.

Because of the additional load on your box, your car may use up more fuel.  Hence, dismantle the roof box if you are not loading it.  Most models are easy to put on and take off.

Aside from price, other things you should consider when buying a roof pod are the quality and durability of the materials used; the opening and locking system; and the time-saving features.


If you need to rent extra space to store some of your things and other valuables, you can depend on Spacer to provide you with the best assistance. Contact us and we will make sure that you get the safest and most affordable space that suits your preference.

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