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17 Toy Storage Tips and Tricks

In its parting message to consumers before shutting down, toy retail giant Toys R Us said: “Promise us just this one thing: Don’t ever grow up. Play on!” The news about Toys R Us closing down its toy shops is heartbreaking, but don’t worry. We still have Amazon, Target and IKEA Toys.


The final Toys R Us message rings true. Millions of people all over the globe, no matter how old they are, still keep some or all of their old toys for sentimental reasons or for their own children to play with. The question is, how do you maintain and store these toys?


Here are our top 17 tips and tricks for toy storage. This list is not limited to toy storage. We will also give you tips on how to keep and organise your toys beautifully.


A Toy Corner

Is there any corner space in your house that is empty? We are not suggesting you just leave your toys lying around in a corner. You can place a custom furniture or cube shelves for toys in the corner instead, creating a little space for the sole purpose of being a space for toys.


Toy Closet

If you have a spare closet around the house, why not turn it into a small room for toys? Instead of leaving toys all over the floor, keep everything secured inside a closet. You and your kids can then open the closet whenever you like, pick out the toys you want to play with and then put everything back inside once you are done. Think of it as a one-stop shop for toys if you will.


Custom Furniture

Toy Storage can serve as a container and a piece of furniture at the same time. Instead of boxes full of toys taking up space, why not keep the toys in a custom shelf or container? There are some ready built options in the Kmart furniture section. You can also build your own custom furniture using wood or any other material. Make sure that the material you use for the custom furniture is safe for children.


Under the Bed

If your kid is afraid of the monster under the bed, why not place their favorite toys under it to flush out the bedtime worries? Make sure to place everything inside dust-proof bags or plastic containers to keep them clean.


If your bed has a built-in drawer underneath, then it would be a great place to keep your toys. You can even install one yourself. Sometimes bed frames have drawer built into the frame itself, so this would be an excellent idea for your children, if they don’t like to be separated from their toys.


Toy Garage

If you have a lot of toy cars, airplanes, helicopters, motorcycles and other toy vehicles, why not set up a garage for those sweet rides? You can set up a wall garage using wood planks, wall brackets and hooks.


Toy Shelves

Similar to book shelves, you can use them to store your child’s favourite toys. That way they remain off the floor when they’re not being played with and won’t get dirty or collect dust from a corner or underneath furniture.


Custom Shelves or Platforms

Toys you no longer play with can style up any room in your house. Just put up wooden platforms or shelves and place everything neatly and properly. It will look like a small museum of toys for your friends and visitors.


Baskets or Hampers

If you have a couple of baskets or hampers, why not use them as containers for toys? You can even label to make it easier to find certain toys.


Coat Racks and Wall Hooks

They are not only for coats, jackets and suits. You can use these stands for stuffed toys that you can hang. This works particularly well for toys with loops that can be hooked to pegs and racks. If your toys have limbs that can be velcroed together, you can also utilise your coat rack or wall hooks to hang those toys up as well. You can at least keep these items away from the floor. When you’re done with the wall hooks, if they are removable, they come right off the walls without damaging the paint or wallpaper.


Mesh Hangers

When it comes to toy storage, almost any container can serve as storage for your toys. Mesh hangers are perfect for light toys such as teddy bears, toy pillows, dolls and action figures.

Avoiding toy clutter means keeping everything from the floor. Why not put up nets on walls or doors for your toys?


Toy Animal Zoo

You can build a small container in your kid’s room for their animal toys. When people refer to it as a “toy box”, you can set them straight by describing it as a “toy animal zoo”.


Stuffed Toys for Cushions

You can put away all the cushions in your sofa and replace them with fluffy toys. This simple idea will make sure the toys are used regularly.


Toy Buckets/Milk Crates

If you don’t want to spend money on custom furniture or materials for toy shelves, why not use buckets or milk crates instead? These will serve as small and portable toy containers. If you want, you can even hang these on the wall.


Cupboard Idea

If you have a cupboard under your stairs, why not turn it into a small playroom for your kids? That way it functions as a little cubby house as well as a place for toys to be kept.

If you’ve got some extra space in your garage, you can always rent it out to fellow hoarders who are finding it hard to part with their toys and earn a little extra money while you’re at it.


Over-the-Door Hanger at the Bathroom

If your kid is fond of playing whilst in the tub, why not place their favorite toys on an over-the-door hanger?


Toy Sacks

If you have a lot of sling bags lying around, why not paint them with bright colors? You can then use these bags to contain toys. Your kid can then just carry one bag for playdates.


Properly Store Your Toys

Do you know that toy manufacturing is a billion-dollar industry? Some of the biggest toy retailers in the U.S. are Walmart, Target and IKEA. The Kmart toys business is considered as big as Kmart furniture. With the many new and innovative toys they make, you’ll surely be tempted to add to your collection!


If you still need extra storage for your toys and don’t have the heart to get rid of the old ones, then you might consider renting storage space. Spacer offers various storage space options. You’ll surely find one that’s suitable for your beloved toys. Learn more about Spacer today!

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