Australian National University

Australia offers quality education in an abundance of state colleges and universities, one of these universities being the Australian National University (ANU) located in the nation’s capital, Canberra. According to the ANU 2016 summary data, there are 23,761 students enrolled in the university, 31% being international students.

ANU has a lot of facilities for learning and professional practicums, the main campuses being the Acton campus and the Kioloa Coastal campus. Both campuses are known for their modern architecture, combined with a diverse ecology for students to just hang out. With one campus in the heart of Canberra and the other near the town of Kioloa, students and faculties can easily navigate their way around through the use of the local transportation. But what about the new students, faculty members, and visitors?

Public Transport

Most people who come and go in the campuses take the bus, since there are several bus stops operating within Canberra. More specifically, there are over 30 bus routes that can transport people directly to or near the campuses. There are also train stations and taxi services for faster travel times.


There are train stations near ANU. They include the Canberra Railway, Bungendore station and the Tarago station. Trains do travel faster than the buses, however taking the train to and from either of the campuses may not be the best choice, especially for people who are running on a tight schedule, as the stations are a reasonably long distance from the campuses.


ANU has free shuttle rides running through the Canberra Centre, Braddon, Northbound Avenue and New Acton Precinct. If you miss any of these free shuttle services, you don’t have to worry as there are over 30 other bus routes running directly to and near the campuses.

On-Campus and Off-Campus Parking

ANU has a lot of parking options. Street parking, ANU campus parking, permit parking and even parking for bicycles and motorcycles. However, campus parking is on a first come-first served basis. It is also important to consider that there are more than 23,000 students enrolled in the university, most of whom will need parking spaces, not to mention the staff members. Students can park at nearby establishments like commercial buildings or utilise the metered parking outside the campus where the rates range from $2.10 per hour to $16.50 as a flat rate for the entire day.

Need Parking Near ANU?

Another option that is secure and affordable is renting a parking spot. There are many people living near the campuses who offer their spare parking spaces for rent to others. These spots are exclusive and secure. ANU parking should never be a problem, especially with the many options available. To find the best parking space available near ANU campuses, visit today.

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