Brisbane parking

Brisbane Parking

Looking for parking in Brisbane that’s affordable and secure?

Brisbane Parking

Looking for parking in Brisbane that’s affordable and secure? Then look no further! Safe and cheap parking in Brisbane is possible through Spacer - Australia’s premier peer-to-peer marketplace that connects people with space, to people who need space. Say goodbye to expensive parking rates and council parking fines!

Spacer takes all the stress out of looking for parking space in Brisbane by setting you up with affordable private parking. Say goodbye to your Brisbane parking woes!

Whether you are looking for a safe spot to store or park your car, motorcycle, caravan or boat, or for a long-term place to keep your furniture and more, we will find a secure parking spot for you.

We are everywhere!

You have quite a few parking options to choose from that are near the . Here are just some of the locations where you can find long-term parking near Tullamarine through Spacer: Westmeadows, Tullamarine, West, Niddrie, Glenroy… and the list keeps growing every day!

Got a spare garage or parking space that you could lease? As a long-term Brisbane parking host, you can make some extra cash each month with little effort. You could earn up to $4,200 a year renting out your garage. It’s passive income at its best! Here are the details.

How does Spacer work for renters?

Find long-term Brisbane parking in three easy steps:

  1. 1. Log in using Facebook or email, and search for suitable parking you need.

  2. 2. Accept the host’s conditions and price, and provide secure payment details within our website.

  3. 3. Agree your move-in date, and enjoy affordable and secure long-term parking!

Spacer thoroughly vets all hosts for your safety and guarantees your property for damage theft or misuse. By using Spacer, you can save up to 50% versus traditional self-storage. What are you waiting for? Click on Sign Up at the top of this page, and get cheap parking that’s near the with Spacer!

How does Spacer work for hosts?

Want to lease your garage for extra income? You can in three easy steps and it’s free!

  1. 1. Create a listing describing the size, type and access you want to provide.

  2. 2. Upload photographs of your unused area.

  3. 3. Set the price, and state the conditions. You make the rules, you are in control. Once you’re all set up, review prospective renters, accept or reject rental offers as you choose. Agree to a move-in date, then sit back and watch your monthly income roll in! We thoroughly vet all users who need parking in Brisbane to ensure your safety.

Aside from garages, you can also list anything from your carport, driveway, carpark, shed, attic, spare bedrooms or even yard space. Create a quick and sustainable income stream for you whilst providing a much-needed service to the Brisbane parking community. What are you waiting for? Click on  Lease My Space at the top of this page, and start space sharing today!

We will also be more than happy to help you over the phone. Just give us a call at 1300 500 538.